krzy: (bedtime!)
That's like a new posting record for me lately.

So work went ok today. It was kinda slow, but I still put in 2 hours of overtime. Going to put in 2 hours of overtime tomorrow and Friday too. I'm also pondering some overtime on Saturday too.. haven't decided yet. Had a pretty good day sales wise today too, as well as a 100% quality score! :)

And of course as mentioned earlier when I posted from my cell phone, I also found out what my new schedule will be. 9am - 8pm Monday -, Thursday with Fri-Sun off. :) I should also be going back to my old supervisor from what I can tell, which is going to be cool. I am pondering expressing interest again in the Team Captain role which means I'd be taking some escalated calls if I get it. Yeah, I must be insane... lol.

Well, I guess I will post more tomorrow, I need to get to bed.

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