May. 30th, 2006

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currently: 81 F and cloudy and it's the nice dark clouds that precede a really cool thunderstorm. :) And from the looks of the radar, it shouldn't be too much longer before the thunderstorms brewing around us actually hit us. As long as it's not raining tomorrow or thursday, I'll be fine. :)
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There are not words enough today to describe how pissed off I am with U-haul and their service. And it is practically too late to find another moving rental company before tomorrow. :(

They called today, to tell me they were still working on the reservation, and that at the time it looked like the closest pickup point would be Marion, KS. That's 69 miles from where I am now, which is about the same distance from here to where I am moving, it's just SE not E of here. Oh but "they can't guarantee in-town pickup" and "that was in the terms you agreed to when you made the reservation online" and "what happens to your car is not our problem". Very very bad customer service, in my opinion.

So now I'm stuck waiting til tomorrow, seething and getting madder at them by the minute, and there's nothing I can do but wait, because none of the places here in Salina rent moving trucks or are all Uhaul authorized renters. :(
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So, the thunderstorms I thought we were gonna get never happened here. Oh well.

I am still pissed off at Uhaul but my blood pressure isn't as skyhigh as it was earlier. I just hope things work out tomorrow. I want the truck loaded and ready to go so all I have to do is take off thursday morning and go to manhattan, unload it and drop it off then come back to Salina to get my car.

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