May. 29th, 2006

krzy: (bedtime!)
Still a bit of packing to be done...

Fixed my aunt's computer this morning. Then I went out to eat with Mom, little sis, my aunt and uncle and my grandparents. Afterwards, I grabbed a box and headed across the alley to my grandparents house where grandma hooked me up with a few cleaning supplies, some tea towels, wash cloths and dish towels, paper towels and paper plates w/ holders, a bucket/trashcan, and a broom and vacuum cleaner. So that's a little less I will have to get from Wal-Mart next week after I have moved.

I think tomorrow will be another day of having the computer off most of the day, so that I can get some real progress made on the packing front.
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It's thunderstorming!! :)

I *love* thunderstorms!

I think tomorrow I am going to take my bed apart and lean it against the wall and just sleep on the couch for tomorrow and wednesday nights. I also need to get into the garage and get my stuff moved from the back up to the front so it is easier to load onto the truck on wednesday.

Installed ubuntu on the laptop today. Will probably mess with getting the wireless card working either Thursday night (if I'm not dead tired which I prolly will be) or this weekend.

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