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Well, seeing how it's January 1st already and 2007 is already underway, I figure I should probably post my year in review or something.

January - Got fired from Lock\Line on January 2nd. Turned 26 on January 4th, and started what was going to be about 6 months of job hunting. Also applied for and won unemployment claim and that helped get me through the first few months. Also started walking regularly (every day) with Mom.

February - Was still getting the $239/wk from unemployment, apparantly never posted to LJ the entire month. Both of my little sisters had birthdays (one turned 8 the other turned 20). Still job hunting.

March - Got a letter that Lock\Line was going to be appealing the unemployment. Still job hunting. THe appeal hearing was deferred as a continuance had been filed by Lock\Line so the hearing ended up taking place on March 30th. I continued to receive unemployment pay in the meantime which helped keep me afloat. The appeal hearing took place and didn't go well at all, but I didn't find out the results until April.

April - Got notice of having the unemployment decision being reversed and that I'd have to start repaying it. Still unemployed, but at the end of the month had a phone interview with Alltel for my current job now.

May - Had in-person interview at Alltel. Felt pretty good about the interview when I got home. A few days later, got a job offer from Alltel *pending background check*. The same day I did the drug test, I also interviewed for another position in Manhattan, KS for a lower paying job and did a drug test for them as well and was offered that job immediately, I postponed that offer until I had more concrete news from Alltel's background check news. Spent a lot of time driving between Salina and Manhattan. Cashed in the profit sharing account from Lock\Line also. Was then offered the job at alltel on the 11th and started apartment hunting. Ended up taking over my best friend's sister's old apartment. Had a scare with U-Haul but it worked out and was well on my way to getting moved to Manhattan.

June - Moved to Manhattan, KS. Started my new job on the 5th of June. Met and had lunch with [ profile] mizdandylynn and [ profile] hubs. That was lots of fun! Got incredibly drunk (only once) at my best friend's house. Ran into my ex at Wal-Mart. Started having more of a social life while hanging out at my best friend's house.

July - Finished training at the new job and started working my new schedule of 10am - 7pm every day except tues/wed. Also had an eye exam and got new glasses. Towards the end of the month, I bought a new Kyocera Strobe phone and Bluetooth headset to use on my employee cell phone account.

August - Little brother turned 22. Nothing too exciting other than a great month comission wise at work and shift bid for new schedule effective in September.

September - Started my new 9am - 6pm schedule with Thursdays and Saturdays off. Replaced my Palm Tungsten E with a Palm T|X and gave the Tungsten E to Mom. Was also reminded again that mom *does* read my Livejournal (*laughs*). My nephew was born. Had Privacy Manager set up on my landline due to a harassing caller. Switched with the girl sitting across from me as she needed a 9-6 schedule and started working 8:30am - 5:30 pm with Tuesdays and Saturdays off. Got the new Weird Al CD for me and a copy for my baby sister.

October - Brought my 8 yr old sister to Manhattan for one weekend and went to see Open Season with her as well as a trip to Sunset Zoo the next day. Was supposed to go see Hamlet on campus at the theater but that didn't work out. Mom came up to Manhattan to see the new apartment. Entertained myself for an entire weekend at work making sure one lady's cell phone was still Non Pay Disconnect status until her $3000+ payment cleared and posted to her account.

November - Apparantly I didn't post at all again for November... But.. I got a new car! 2002 Dodge Stratus R\T. other rocking month for comission sales. :) I also started a written budget and worked on getting caught up on past due credit card payments and cut up all my credit cards. Working on digging my way out of debt.

December - First part of December was rather uneventful... work, come home, sleep, repeat. Did lots of Overtime the first part of the month to make up for being on vacation the last week. Ended up getting caught up on ALL my bills!!! :) Had vacation from the 22nd through the end of the year so I spent Christmas at Mom's and came home with a new bread machine. :) The Almond Poppy bread I tried to make last night didn't turn out so well. I think next time I am going to make the smaller batch and see how that does.

And that brings me to today I guess, *laughs*. I need to run by the Landlord's office and drop off rent check. Tomorrow it's back to work. I'm usually off on Tuesdays, but I swapped with someone who needed tomorrow off and in return I have Thursday off so I won't have to work on my Birthday this year. (I didn't have to work on my birthday last year either but that was entirely different circumstances haha). So yeah, work tomorrow and Wednesday, off Thursday, work Friday, off Saturday and then it's back to normal schedule. There should be a shift bid this month so schedule is going to change in February. Hoping to get one of the later shifts so I can get shift differential. We'll see how that goes and how many of those shifts are available.

I need to work on my 2007 goals still, and hopefully will have a chance to post them today or at least in the very very near future. For now though, I need to get dressed and go run a couple of errands.

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