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So, I went to vote this morning, and it turns out my voting place is only .8 miles from my apartment. I decided to walk. I'm not sure how I managed to several times avoid spraining my left ankle, but I made it there and back in one piece, even counting the fact that .5 of the .8 miles is all uphill at a nice incline. So, 1.6 miles walking down today and probably will do another 1.8 during my lunch break so I can get out and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. It's hard to believe it's November and the first few days were still well into the 70s. The rest of the week it is supposed to be in the 50s after a wave of thunderstorms move through Kansas tomorrow. Yay for thunderstorms!!!

Alright, I suppose I had better finish getting ready for another "fun" day at work. Hopefully the customers are better than they were yesterday... if they could be like they were on Saturday, that would be great. Saturday was a good day at work, for
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Had a tornado touch down sw of Manhattan earlier and it skirted by to the east of us. That's as close as I've ever been to a tornado situation and am hoping that's as close as I'll ever come. We still have a lot more severe weather headed our way tonight so who knows what will happen. Today is my day off but they closed the call center at 4:45 pm today due to weather situations.

Just wanted to post that at this time, I am doing ok.
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They posted some of the pics that were taken from inside the call center after Monday's hail storm on the intranet at work:

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We had some really strong t-storms roll through here earlier this morning. I was supposed to be at work at 11:30am. Some of the storms produced softball sized hail and apparantly the call center was hit hard by the hail. I got to work to find that the call center is closed from the damage to the skylights and probably also the outer windows as well as getting to see the damage done to the cars of people who had to be at work early this morning. The pics below are of the damage in the parking lot... Thankfully my car was not harmed. The quality isn't the best because they were on my phone as I didn't have my digital camera with me.

more pics behind the cut )
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I just had a customer tell me ''That would be more better.''


Nov. 19th, 2007 05:36 pm
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I hate customers today. I keep getting people who want to bitch about their bill, make payment arrangements or cancel service. No one who wants to add features or buy accessories. Accessory sales are something I really need this month too as I am only 46% to my November goal. *sigh*

Hopefully tomorrow is better.


Nov. 9th, 2007 02:39 pm
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Customers are evil today.
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So um, I was checking my paystub and trying to figure out why it wasn't exactly matching what I had estimated. Well, I was doing my math based on my rate of pay which was 11.48/hr. Nope that was my OLD rate of pay! Seems as of 7/1/07, I got a raise and promoted to CSR specialist. the promotion doesn't mean anything that we know of yet other than the 3% raise and a title, but still I'll definitely take that raise. That puts me at 11.83/hr now. :)
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2 more days then 10 glorious days off. 3 of them will be spent in Salina visiting Mom and my sisters.

It has been extremely busy the past couple days. over 100 calls in queue at any given point of the day, doesn't matter, the queue light has not turned orange in far too long. In fact, I'm not so sure it CAN anymore... let alone turn green or go dark altogether anymore... Wonder how call flow will be after the new schedules start.

I think I did manage to break $1000 commission after today's sales. We'll see though. Will find out when the website updates tomorrow morning. Depends on if anything was removed today that gets deducted from my totals.

Well, I guess I'd better start gettin ready for bed since I have another 10 hour day in front of me tomorrow.
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Had a lot more grouchy customers today. Dunno what's up with them, but really... yelling at the CSR does. not. fix. anything. It also makes the CSR less likely to really WANT to help! I know.. I know... customers will *never* learn this. lol

I did manage to sell around $65 in commission today. So, barring any features being deleted or accessories being returned in the last 24 hours, I should be over $1000 in commission for June. We'll see when I wake up tomorrow.

For now, it's time for bed, since I am getting up and working 10a - 7p tomorrow to finish out my overtime for the week. Here's hoping tomorrow is much better mood wise than it was today.


Jun. 28th, 2007 02:16 pm
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Shift bid results are in....


8:45a - 7:45p Monday - Thurs with the supervisor I wanted. :)

I am quite happy... and have already had to turn down 2 people wanting to trade shifts, hehe.

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So while I didn't sell any accessories yesterday, I did manage to sell $103 in text message package commission. :)

Sitting at $911 for the month. I just need to sell $90 more in commission to break my goal of $1000. I think that should be doable over today, tomorrow, friday and saturday. Wonder if July and August will go as well with commission. :)
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Had a couple features charge back because they upgraded to a higher package... so, Today through Thursday, I am hoping to make at least $152.66 in commission so that I end the month breaking $1000 in commission this month.

Going in today from 10:30am - 7:00pm. I only get a half hour lunch, but I am getting paid 2.5x my regular pay today for working the holiday, which ends up being about $230 for 8 hours today, not counting commission of course. I bet it will be as slow as it was Saturday, if not slower. We'll see though.

Well, better start getting ready to head in to work.
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Slept like crap last night. Went to bed at midnight, woke up at 12:30 am, then again several times between midnight and when the alarm finally went off at 8. Dragged my butt (and the rest of me) out of bed and managed to get ready for work and leave on time. I was extremely tempted to stay home from work, but I didn't. About 6pm though, I was really wishing it was 8pm, as I was feelin the lack of sleep. Now, here it is 11pm and I'm still not asleep yet. *sigh* I just hope tonight is not a repeat of last night.

Work was kinda entertaining for a few hours today. Somehow a robin found its way into the call center and was flying around above the cubicles driving some of the reps and supervisors crazy. The bird was finally caught and set free around 5:30ish. It was pretty amusing watching people squeak and move very quickly away from the bird. Poor thing hit the windows a couple of times thinking it was the way to outside.

Tomorrow, I get an hour off the phones to go to a Quality focus group meeting. Should be interesting at least, and right after, I have my lunch break, so it will be 2 solid hours off the phones, unless something happens and it gets cancelled... let's hope not.

I do have other stuff I want to post here, but I guess it will have to wait. I'm feeling a bit wonky and think it's a good idea to get to bed before midnight tonight.
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Work was ok today. Did quite well on feature sells. I probably could have tried a lot harder to sell an accessory or two, but oh well. Voice isn't 100% yet, but getting better daily.

I did have an interesting call tonight. There are self serve options customers can dial. These were sent out on a bill insert with February's bills. They are:

#PAY - make a payment through the automated system
#BAL - check your balance
#MINS - check minutes of use

Well the guy who called in about these new options, was calling to tell me they don't work. Well, #PAY works fine, but the other two are wonky. When he dialed #BAL it told him his minutes of use. He thought he'd dialed wrong so he dialed it again, and was again informed of his current usage. He said he was afraid to try #MINS... so I tried it while on the phone with him... and got immediately routed to the Spanish queue. So yah, an email was promptly sent to my supervisor letting her know this was broken, heh. And while it was the first call I'd gotten about those options being wrong, I'm sure it won't be the last.

Also, I was quite amused. I had my pda plugged into the charger at work. When I left to go home, I took it off the charger and checked the battery level. It said 75%. By the time I got home, ate dinner, and caught up on a few forums... I checked it again. It said 99%. Apparantly it decided to keep charging the battery all by itself without any electricity source.

Ok well as I have to work again tomorrow, I think it's bedtime for me.
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Work was... eh. Lots of transferred calls, lots of grumpy people. I did manage to completely de-escalate someone though which was cool. She started the call with "I need a supervisor!!" After calming her down a little and getting her name and phone number so I could look at her account, I was able to resolve her issue and not have the call escalate. Go me!

Direct deposit has been posted to my checking account and I've scheduled one of my credit card payments. It's the one I'm paying in full with this check. :) Need to schedule the other payments and will probably do that tomorrow or later this weekend.

Putting in 10 hours of overtime tomorrow. Need to stop at the gas station and bank before work so I'll probably be leaving a little earlier than normal so I get there on time. Either that or I'll at least hit the gas station before work and then maybe the bank on lunch break or Saturday morning. Saturday morning I'm going to Salina for my baby sister's birthday party. I think I'll also do about 5 hours of OT on Sunday and then do another 5 next Friday and take all of Saturday off, so I can still meet my 10 hour / week overtime goal.

Well, if I am going to get up and go put in another 10 hour day, I'd better get to bed.


Feb. 20th, 2007 11:02 pm
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Work was ok today. Nothing spectacular other than I finally got an accessory sale today. I am just hoping the guy doesn't return the battery within the 15 days because he specifically told me he needed the battery for the phone. We'll see.

I've got a long day of overtime scheduled for Friday. Going to put in 10 hours since I'm going to Salina Saturday for my baby sister's birthday party. I'm hoping it's as slow tomorrow as it was yesterday. That was very nice having time to breathe between calls.

For now though, I need to get to bed. Otherwise I'll need massive amounts of caffeine to even function tomorrow... wait... would that really be a bad thing? Well, probably it would be lol

Hmm, maybe I will go ahead and stop at Dara's before work and pick up a couple of cans of Bawls to get through tomorrow hehe.

An update

Feb. 18th, 2007 06:42 pm
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So, let's see... I'm still alive. That's always a good thing.

Found out that yes, we will be moving to different teams at work, we just don't know who our new supervisors will be or where we are moving to yet. I guess we'll find out this week. It has been extremely busy at work too. No room for time off at all the rest of the month. In fact they were asking people to work overtime Friday and Saturday. I was going to work some Friday but due to circumstances that happened Thursday night, I didn't go in. I did do 4 hours Saturday. I haven't decided how my OT will work for this week. I have to be in Salina on Saturday for my baby sister's 9th birthday party. I will probably end up pulling a 10 hour day on Friday, and then start working 5 hours Fridays and Saturdays possibly more depending on how much energy I have at the end of each week. At least 10 hours of OT each week though, that's my goal.

Got another 100% quality score last week. That's #6 so far. I also found out that every 5th 100% you get $25 added to a debit card, so four more to go before I have another $25. It also means $20 cash so far this month from my current supervisor. He set a goal for each 100%, you'd get $10 cash. This month has cost him $70 so far and it's not over yet, heh. My sales have kinda sucked the last week or so, but I am still at $450 in comission so far this month. I just hope the next week or two go much better. Would be nice to have another $600+ commission month. Especially for a month that only has 28 days in it. I need to keep up the 100% quality scores too though because for March, April and May I need to be in the top 10% for Quality scores in order to earn the Specialist position in June. Hard to believe in just 4 more months I'll have been at Alltel for a year. What a long way I've come since January of 2006.

So yeah, as to why I didn't work OT on Friday... Thursday night, I managed to hit a 2 foot tall wooden post in our driveway and cracked my front bumper. After I looked at the damage on Friday, I decided to have it looked at for estimates... the damage is cosmetic only so I am holding off on fixing it awhile longer and will be putting money back out of each paycheck til I have the cash to replace the bumper.

I figured I would at least try to do some OT in the afternoon but that quickly got nixed right after my power supply died and I tried to get out of the driveway to go get a new one and couldn't because of the ice/snow still in the driveway and I couldn't get up the incline from the parking area to the actual driveway. So I parked and came back inside and waited til later in the evening and tried again... was able to get out of the driveway and off I went to the computer shop to get a new power supply.

I did manage to put in 4 hours of OT on Saturday. I probably should have done some today, but I was lazy and slept in til 9:30 (waking up from what I think was going to end up being a nightmare). Got up and did a load of dishes, took out the trash, got yesterday's mail. The only thing I got was my little sister's letter, where she was nice enough to send me her birthday list. She had 5 things listed, but had numbered the list from 1 to 13. At the bottom she wrote "Please dont get all of these things, just one." *laughs* Funny thing is, the gift I'm getting her isn't on the list at all, but I know she will still love it.

So hmm... other than work what have I been up to? Well, I spend a lot of my free time after work listening to podcasts of the Dave Ramsey show and hanging out on the my Total Money Makeover Online forums and chat room. I have managed to get a letter written to my little brother. Still owe Mom and Grandma a letter and my other grandma an email. I should probably also email my uncle and let him know I'm still alive too.

I've got two filters started... one for walking and one for my path to become debt free. If you want to be added to them, just let me know.
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So um yeah... I haven't posted in a few days... there goes my perfect posting record for this year, haha. Somehow, I knew it wouldn't last. Oh well, heh. I blame it partiallly on the new schedule.

Let's see... did overtime last sunday from 8am - 7pm, then worked mon - thurs 9am - 8pm. was very lazy yesterday and today... and didn't work at all. Tomorrow I am going in from 9am - 6pm for some more overtime, then Monday - Thurs 9am - 8pm, Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 1pm. I am only doing 4 hours on Saturday so I can get things done around the apartment that I won't have time for or want to do during the week (like cleaning!).

I've been in the lead queue 3 times so far and it's been ok. Only have had 2 escalated calls to take, the rest have been questions. It wasn't nearly as hard or scary as I thought it would be! I have a feeling I'd be very good at it on a full time basis.

Things at work might be a little uncertain on the team front at least... My supervisor managed to get himself promoted to a new position effective 2/26. While I'm happy that he got the new job, I'm very sad that I'm losing my favorite supervisor there. So yeah, I should know more later this week on how that is going to affect our team and who we might be "stuck" with. If I do end up on a new team, I might not be team captain which will suck since it was so short lived. I'm hoping nothing changes except the supervisor. We'll see.

The walking thing is going ok. I haven't been walking as much as I'd like and that's mostly my own fault. I have managed to log about 16 miles so far since January 22nd when work started their walking tracker thing. 9 more to go til the first milestone.

Need to find time this week to get letters written to my little brother, mom and grandma. Got letters from all of them last week. I also need to email my other grandma back.

Got paid yesterday, and after my car payment and insurance payment post from checking account, filling up the gas tank, paying the payment on one credit card and taking out $50 for groceries, I had enough left over to move another $350 over to savings bringing me to $800 out of my goal of $1000. Once I hit $1000, I am going to start paying off my debts smallest to largest, and the first to die will be the Orchard Bank Mastercard. This will be able to be done either once my federal refund hits the checking account, or next payday. I cannot wait!

I also need to swing by Wal-mart in the next couple of weeks and pick up my little sister's birthday present before I go to Salina for her birthday party on the 24th.

But for now, I'm going to head off to bed since I am going to be going in tomorrow for the overtime.


Feb. 3rd, 2007 10:28 pm
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Bedtime for me... going to put in a long day of overtime tomorrow. 8am - 7pm. Will get lunch break and 3 breaks through out the day. Then start new schedule Monday. Should be interesting. I just hope customers behave tomorrow and aren't all grouchy like they have been the past 3 days.

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