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So, I went to vote this morning, and it turns out my voting place is only .8 miles from my apartment. I decided to walk. I'm not sure how I managed to several times avoid spraining my left ankle, but I made it there and back in one piece, even counting the fact that .5 of the .8 miles is all uphill at a nice incline. So, 1.6 miles walking down today and probably will do another 1.8 during my lunch break so I can get out and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. It's hard to believe it's November and the first few days were still well into the 70s. The rest of the week it is supposed to be in the 50s after a wave of thunderstorms move through Kansas tomorrow. Yay for thunderstorms!!!

Alright, I suppose I had better finish getting ready for another "fun" day at work. Hopefully the customers are better than they were yesterday... if they could be like they were on Saturday, that would be great. Saturday was a good day at work, for
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What a long weekend. Woke up early Friday morning and put in 4 hours of overtime, went and got the oil changed in the car after running by the bank to cash a check to fund my grocery and gas and spending money envelopes.

Saturday I woke up at 5:30am after going to bed at midnight and got dressed and left for KC by 6:30. Made it to where I was supposed to be after getting slightly lost right on time. I volunteered to work at a live event hosted by Dave Ramsey, and was supposed to be there at 9am. got through the intro/training and by the time the doors opened was already at the table I was going to be working at for the rest of the day. About 10 minutes after the event started, I got to go in and sit down and watch until the first break then go back to the tables... rinse/repeat for the 2nd break and toward the end. After the event, helped clean up and had dinner with the other volunteers. Finallly left to head back to Manhattan around 8:30 pm and again got slightly lost finding my way out of KC but I did manage to make it home around 11:00pm even having to drive through a few storms. It was lightning the whole 2 hour drive back to Manhattan and a few miles outside of manhattan is when the rain really started coming down hard.

Today it has been thunderstorming and raining off and on all day. I expect it will probably still be raining/storming tomorrow too. :)

Well, I guess I just wanted to get in a short post to let people know I was still alive.

[ profile] mizdandylynn, I would have let you know I was going to be in the KC area if I had been able to fit in the budget more for being able to stay overnight. Next time I am up that way I will definitely let ya know ahead of time so we can make plans to get together again.
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So let's see... woke up at about 8 this morning because I knew the people who've been working on the bathroom were going to be arriving sometime between 8am and 830am and I figured it would at least be better for me to be up and round before they showed up.

So, I ended up watching the newest episodes of NCIS and CSI:NY this morning and then around 11:30, I left and headed out to run a few errands. Ended up getting the tags renewed on my car, got rent paid, went by the bank and got cash for groceries, gas, spending money, etc... stopped and got some lunch and then while I was just about to head home, I found out my ipod nano had arrived, so I ended up driving out to the facility and picking it up from the front desk. I've decided I am going to keep the 8gb ipod nano and maybe save up for the 30 or 80gb one for more storage at a later date, but for now 8gb should be plenty.

After I ate, I started messing around with the new geek toy and getting it set up on the computer. Transferred over today's Dave Ramsey show podcast and went for a walk around the neighborhood. Ended up walking about a mile which put me at 1.5 miles for the day at that time. Afterwards, I came home, rested a bit and then headed to Target, where I was going to get a case for the ipod nano but they didn't have any I liked. Instead I braved Wal-Mart and not only did I get a case I wanted, but while I was there I decided to go ahead and get my grocery shopping out of the way too. Stopped and grabbed dinner on the way home, and just kinda bummed around chatting online as well as playing a few rounds of Literati on yahoo games. I did notice that once I got sat down for the night, I had logged a total of 2.75 miles today. go me!

Now? I'm listening to it thunder and watching for lightning as it's thunderstorming! :) It's supposed to thunderstorm most of tonight as well as Strong thunderstorms are expected for tomorrow. Yay for thunderstorms!
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So it's started snowing just shortly before I left work, as I expected. Since it had just barely begun the roads home were pretty clear and safe. Hopefullyl they aren't too bad tomorrow as I expect we will still be open even with the snow. It has been estimated that we'll be getting 4-6 inches of snow. We'll see.

Managed to make about $45 in commission in the 4 hours I was there though which is pretty cool. :) Now I am off to get some more of my kitchen cleaned and look into making something for lunch.
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I got up at 7:30am *on purpose* on a Saturday!

Just about to go warm up the car and get ready to go do my 4 hours of OT (lynn that's overtime... *grins*) for today. The weather forecasters are predicting the snow to start around 1 or 2 this afternoon. I will be home by 1 by my calculations. Even if it starts snowing a little earlier the heavier snow isn't supposed to happen til later tonight so driving home should be fine.

Need to post in my walking filter today, as well as make some bread so I have some for making sandwiches. And I should finally get to try out my new rice cooker today too! :)

Lazy Day

Jan. 16th, 2007 11:34 pm
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Didn't really do much of anything today except play lots of Sims 2.

Did get to talk to my uncle today. He and Grandma are doing ok and finally had their electricity turned back on today. They had propane for heat for which I am glad. Other than a small hole in my uncle's roof it sounds like they got through the ice storm ok, although my uncle will have to replace a couple of his ham radio towers (hence the hole in hls roof). My dad went over and patched the hole as a temporary fix which was nice of him to do.

Managed to survive the boredom yesterday. Even got paid 2.5x my normal pay for working yesterday.

Well I need to head on to bed. Gotta work tomorrow.


Jan. 14th, 2007 09:54 pm
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Driving home tonight sucked. Took it slow and easy though and made it home in about 45 minutes including a stop to fill up the gas tank (normally I'm home in about 15). Everyone was driving about 30 in a normally 65mph zone. Pretty sad when the city can't even clean one of the very mainly used roads off and keep up with it when it wasn't even raining or anything at the time I was on the road. And on a side note, I saw a new warning light come on in the car I'd never seen before. I'd have to check the owner's manual, but I'm pretty sure it was the Traction Control indicator. Looked like a car on a slippery road. (Well I was going to try to find the owner's manual online to link to the image of it but well I can't seem to find it for the 2002 Dodge Stratus R/T Coupe and I'm just too damn lazy to go outside and get the damn thing from the glovebox!)

It was kinda funny earlier today while at work... I was on a call, and all of a sudden heard an unfamiliar noise. It took me a few minutes to realize it was the freezing rain hitting the windows. My cube is like 2 seats from the big window that goes from one side of the call center to the other, so I could hear it quite well. It sounded pretty cool too! Be kinda neat to get an audio file of it and regular rain for a soothing sounds type of CD.

I think I am going to start putting money back each month to slowly save up for a treadmill. With the colder weather we've had the last couple days, I've been really wishing I had one so I could at least start walking regularly. Walking in 16 degree Farenheit weather just doesn't sound like fun or a smart thing to do. Nor does walking back and forth from the kitchen to the living room... that in itself is a horrible idea... I dont need to be in the kitchen more than I must or I might decide I'm bored and need to snack on food when I'm not even hungry.

Well I think I'm gonna get this posted and work on a couple things on the pda then get myself to bed so I can get up and do the work thing all over again tomorrow.
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We barely got any snow today. We are supposed to get more tomorrow. I'm planning on letting the car warm up before I leave so I'll end up starting it probably around 7:45 or so. I think this also means I'm going to go get a quick shower in before bed so my hair is mostly dry in the morning before I leave for work as it's been 16F all day and supposed to be 16F tomorrow and Monday too.

Today was one of those days that I wished I had a treadmill... oh well.
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So it looks like the great winter storm is going to completely pass Manhattan, KS on by. I was looking at the map and it looks like it's going to hit TX, OK, and Missouri at least but not where I am... I'm not sure how I feel about that.
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Looks like a nice strong thunderstorm is headed this way, according to the radar map at

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So, the thunderstorms I thought we were gonna get never happened here. Oh well.

I am still pissed off at Uhaul but my blood pressure isn't as skyhigh as it was earlier. I just hope things work out tomorrow. I want the truck loaded and ready to go so all I have to do is take off thursday morning and go to manhattan, unload it and drop it off then come back to Salina to get my car.

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