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So, I went to vote this morning, and it turns out my voting place is only .8 miles from my apartment. I decided to walk. I'm not sure how I managed to several times avoid spraining my left ankle, but I made it there and back in one piece, even counting the fact that .5 of the .8 miles is all uphill at a nice incline. So, 1.6 miles walking down today and probably will do another 1.8 during my lunch break so I can get out and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. It's hard to believe it's November and the first few days were still well into the 70s. The rest of the week it is supposed to be in the 50s after a wave of thunderstorms move through Kansas tomorrow. Yay for thunderstorms!!!

Alright, I suppose I had better finish getting ready for another "fun" day at work. Hopefully the customers are better than they were yesterday... if they could be like they were on Saturday, that would be great. Saturday was a good day at work, for
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So let's see... woke up at about 8 this morning because I knew the people who've been working on the bathroom were going to be arriving sometime between 8am and 830am and I figured it would at least be better for me to be up and round before they showed up.

So, I ended up watching the newest episodes of NCIS and CSI:NY this morning and then around 11:30, I left and headed out to run a few errands. Ended up getting the tags renewed on my car, got rent paid, went by the bank and got cash for groceries, gas, spending money, etc... stopped and got some lunch and then while I was just about to head home, I found out my ipod nano had arrived, so I ended up driving out to the facility and picking it up from the front desk. I've decided I am going to keep the 8gb ipod nano and maybe save up for the 30 or 80gb one for more storage at a later date, but for now 8gb should be plenty.

After I ate, I started messing around with the new geek toy and getting it set up on the computer. Transferred over today's Dave Ramsey show podcast and went for a walk around the neighborhood. Ended up walking about a mile which put me at 1.5 miles for the day at that time. Afterwards, I came home, rested a bit and then headed to Target, where I was going to get a case for the ipod nano but they didn't have any I liked. Instead I braved Wal-Mart and not only did I get a case I wanted, but while I was there I decided to go ahead and get my grocery shopping out of the way too. Stopped and grabbed dinner on the way home, and just kinda bummed around chatting online as well as playing a few rounds of Literati on yahoo games. I did notice that once I got sat down for the night, I had logged a total of 2.75 miles today. go me!

Now? I'm listening to it thunder and watching for lightning as it's thunderstorming! :) It's supposed to thunderstorm most of tonight as well as Strong thunderstorms are expected for tomorrow. Yay for thunderstorms!
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Was pretty lazy this weekend, except for today. Today was a lot more productive. Most of yesterday, I finally started watching Heroes thanks to the episodes being online at and about 5am this morning I realized I should probably get some sleep. Woke up around 11 and finished watching the rest of the episodes, did 3 loads of dishes, took out the trash and did 2 loads of laundry. As you probably guessed, no I didn't do any overtime this weekend. The lazy streak won out this weekend unfortunately for my paycheck. I am going to get back on track though and do at least 5 hours on Friday and Saturday.

I've also been very slack on walking as I really didn't do ANY this week. :( I have decided I need to take a different approach as I never seem to be motivated to just go walk. I also need to get back on track on drinking more water. I guess if I go about it by taking baby steps into it, then the smaller victories will help keep me motivated.

Well, I need to go get my whites out of the dryer and get ready to get a shower in before bed since landlord will be starting to redo the bathroom tomorrow and putting in a new shower.
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So um yeah... I haven't posted in a few days... there goes my perfect posting record for this year, haha. Somehow, I knew it wouldn't last. Oh well, heh. I blame it partiallly on the new schedule.

Let's see... did overtime last sunday from 8am - 7pm, then worked mon - thurs 9am - 8pm. was very lazy yesterday and today... and didn't work at all. Tomorrow I am going in from 9am - 6pm for some more overtime, then Monday - Thurs 9am - 8pm, Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 1pm. I am only doing 4 hours on Saturday so I can get things done around the apartment that I won't have time for or want to do during the week (like cleaning!).

I've been in the lead queue 3 times so far and it's been ok. Only have had 2 escalated calls to take, the rest have been questions. It wasn't nearly as hard or scary as I thought it would be! I have a feeling I'd be very good at it on a full time basis.

Things at work might be a little uncertain on the team front at least... My supervisor managed to get himself promoted to a new position effective 2/26. While I'm happy that he got the new job, I'm very sad that I'm losing my favorite supervisor there. So yeah, I should know more later this week on how that is going to affect our team and who we might be "stuck" with. If I do end up on a new team, I might not be team captain which will suck since it was so short lived. I'm hoping nothing changes except the supervisor. We'll see.

The walking thing is going ok. I haven't been walking as much as I'd like and that's mostly my own fault. I have managed to log about 16 miles so far since January 22nd when work started their walking tracker thing. 9 more to go til the first milestone.

Need to find time this week to get letters written to my little brother, mom and grandma. Got letters from all of them last week. I also need to email my other grandma back.

Got paid yesterday, and after my car payment and insurance payment post from checking account, filling up the gas tank, paying the payment on one credit card and taking out $50 for groceries, I had enough left over to move another $350 over to savings bringing me to $800 out of my goal of $1000. Once I hit $1000, I am going to start paying off my debts smallest to largest, and the first to die will be the Orchard Bank Mastercard. This will be able to be done either once my federal refund hits the checking account, or next payday. I cannot wait!

I also need to swing by Wal-mart in the next couple of weeks and pick up my little sister's birthday present before I go to Salina for her birthday party on the 24th.

But for now, I'm going to head off to bed since I am going to be going in tomorrow for the overtime.
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Got up at 7 this morning. Headed into work 30 minutes early and walked 11 laps around the walking path before shift started. As a total, I walked 1.5 miles tonight. I was bad yesterday and only ended up at .5 miles for my total yesterday... 5/1000 now. It was kinda nice not feeling tired or a noticeable lack of energy at work today.

Sales were kinda slow today which sucked. Hopefully tomorrow is better sales wise. It'd be nice if I could get a couple more accessory sales so I meet that goal by the end of the month. It's pretty much the only goal of mine this month that I have not yet met.

I also emailed my old supervisor letting him know I was interested in being Team Captain when we start our new shifts on February 5th. This will make the 3rd time I have expressed interest in it, and hopefully I get it this time.

The girl who sat across the aisle from me quit today. Though I actually think she was fired. Rumor has it she was hanging up on customers. We also think the girl who sits behind me won't be working at Alltel much longer. She called in again today. Apparantly her son has been rather sick this past week. Hopefully she hasn't decided to quit. She's pretty nice and fun to talk to between calls. When we move to our new teams in February, I dunno what I'll do... I won't know anyone on my new team except my supervisor, and that's because I was on my supervisor's team from July to September.

Well, I suppose I'd better think about getting some sleep. Gonna try to do a 9 or 10 hour today tomorrow if I can.
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Er ok yeah maybe that wasn't as funny as I thought... oh well I'm leaving it up there in the subject line.

Got up early again this morning and put in 4 more hours of overtime. That's 5 so far this week. Friday's check should be quite nice since it will have last week's 2.5x pay from working on MLK day... Essentially I'll get paid for 14 hours of OT from last week when I only had to work 6 hours of OT. Plus last month's commission will be on this week's check.

Ended up only walking a total of half a mile today. I was bad today I know... I'm hoping to go in a little earlier than usual and do a couple laps around the designated path and then do a few more laps on lunch break. Mom suggested possibly going to the mall and walking around the mall a few times, and I might start doing that as well after work for a change of scenery.

Ok well the alarm is set for 7am, and I have work tomorrow so I guess I'd better go try to get to sleep.
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Work It would have been better if customers were buying stuff. Oh well.

Well, ok maybe not all of work was so bad... they started a new walking program... and are giving out prizes at certain milestones reached. My goal for this year is 1,000 miles. Yes you read that right... 1,000 miles. This is my motivation! Yup that's right, the place I work for is giving out ipod shuffles for those brave enough to reach the 1,000 mile goal. Today I walked a total of 3 miles... so that's 3 down, 997 to go, heh.

Anyways, will post more tomorrow, bedtime for me.


Jan. 14th, 2007 09:54 pm
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Driving home tonight sucked. Took it slow and easy though and made it home in about 45 minutes including a stop to fill up the gas tank (normally I'm home in about 15). Everyone was driving about 30 in a normally 65mph zone. Pretty sad when the city can't even clean one of the very mainly used roads off and keep up with it when it wasn't even raining or anything at the time I was on the road. And on a side note, I saw a new warning light come on in the car I'd never seen before. I'd have to check the owner's manual, but I'm pretty sure it was the Traction Control indicator. Looked like a car on a slippery road. (Well I was going to try to find the owner's manual online to link to the image of it but well I can't seem to find it for the 2002 Dodge Stratus R/T Coupe and I'm just too damn lazy to go outside and get the damn thing from the glovebox!)

It was kinda funny earlier today while at work... I was on a call, and all of a sudden heard an unfamiliar noise. It took me a few minutes to realize it was the freezing rain hitting the windows. My cube is like 2 seats from the big window that goes from one side of the call center to the other, so I could hear it quite well. It sounded pretty cool too! Be kinda neat to get an audio file of it and regular rain for a soothing sounds type of CD.

I think I am going to start putting money back each month to slowly save up for a treadmill. With the colder weather we've had the last couple days, I've been really wishing I had one so I could at least start walking regularly. Walking in 16 degree Farenheit weather just doesn't sound like fun or a smart thing to do. Nor does walking back and forth from the kitchen to the living room... that in itself is a horrible idea... I dont need to be in the kitchen more than I must or I might decide I'm bored and need to snack on food when I'm not even hungry.

Well I think I'm gonna get this posted and work on a couple things on the pda then get myself to bed so I can get up and do the work thing all over again tomorrow.

Am home

Jan. 9th, 2007 10:52 pm
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Got home around 7ish tonight from Salina. Visit at mom's was good.

We went to Wal-Mart today, to get the rice cooker mom was going to get me as my birthday present. We walked in, got the cart, headed towards the home appliances. When we got to that aisle, we were searching and finally found the ONLY one they had... I decided I wanted to at least have 2-3 to compare and choose from so we headed over to Target. Target proved to be a lot more productive as I came out of the store with this rice cooker. I can't wait til payday so I can go grocery shopping and start using it! Though I have decided... I need to rearrange my kitchen a bit... the lack of counterspace is um... inconvenient at best.

I've also challenged Mom to hold each other accountable and start walking at least 3 times a week and start working our way back up to walking on a very regular basis like we started doing last year. The odd thing is, she and I weigh the same (we checked the scale this afternoon). So at least we're on the same starting point essentially weight wise. So tomorrow, I am going to start wearing my pedometer again. And I've started a walking filter. If you want to be in it, comment and let me know. I'd hate to subject anyone to that daily that doesn't wanna read it (hmm though it is *my* journal... haha).

I'm also going to be doing some research into some healthier recipes before going grocery shopping this weekend. At least I have the water intake thing going in my favor. I have a 64 oz mug at work that I fill up in the morning and drink it through out my workday. Then when I get home, I have a Brita water pitcher that I drink water from. Now I just have to motivate myself into eating better and even more motivation towards doing actual exercising and walking on a regular basis.

Talked to my Uncle Mike on yahoo messenger a bit this evening and then got to talk to him on the phone. It really made his day when I called him on Christmas and reopened the lines of communication. It's funny because I take after my Uncle a lot more than I do my dad.

Well, I guess I'd better start getting ready for bed. Gotta get up and go to work in the morning. Hopefully by the end of this week we will know how the shift bid went and what schedules/supervisors we got. It'd be really cool to get my old supervisor back.
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So got home from work tonight and heated up some leftovers for dinner.

Ran a couple missions in AO, and then unhooked my tv, vcr and dvd player, took them out of the entertainment center, moved the bookcase out of the way and then moved the entertainment center so it is on the opposite wall it was on. I can now see the TV while I'm on the computer.

After that, I went for a 20 minute walk.

Click to see the route I walked )

Ended up walking .96 miles tonight. I especially like the area I live in because 2 of those streets were an uphill incline while walking which makes it a little more challenging.

Once I got home from my walk, I moved the bookcase into a corner by the couch and finally unpacked my books and got them put up on the book case. (Yes, it's sad, I only own 1 bookcase of books).

And now, I'm working on a few more missions in AO before it's time to grab a shower, do up the few supper dishes there were, and get to bed.


Jun. 12th, 2006 07:22 am
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I am still waking up before the alarm. Woke up at 6:30 again instead of getting to sleep til 6:45.

Today I think we start getting into the billing system. Hopefully we get our logins soon. We are able to access some of the information from home, and even submit our payroll from home as well as check email. It would be cool to be able to go over some of the stuff we've covered, especially if I didn't quite get how it worked the first time.

Cox is supposed to come out tomorrow after I get off work and hook up my cable finally. I think I may move the tv and entertainment center over to the other wall so I can watch it while I'm on the computer. Or I may just leave it where it is and go watch tv in the living room and take the laptop with me to chat and such. I will decide tonight I guess.

Also need to go walking again tonight. With there being a lot of uphill areas around my apartment, I have been walking every other night to start out and eventually plan to work my way up to walking every night after work or maybe even in the mornings on days I don't work.
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Training today was once again rather entertaining. :) Even during the Customer Service section. Tomorrow we are finishing up the Customer Service stuff, then after lunch we get to go out on the floor and listen to calls for a few hours.

After work today, I went for a 30 minute walk. Then I came home, did the dishes, made up the rice mix and then made Chicken Rice Casserole so I would have something to take for lunch tomorrow. Did a few more token farming missions in AO, and then grabbed a shower, and now it is bedtime.


Jan. 14th, 2006 04:03 am
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It's 4am and I should be sleeping... Didn't really have a good Friday the 13th. Nothing extraordinarily bad happened, but it still wasn't a great day. Dunno why but was just in a generally crappy mood most of the day and couldn't really shake it. Maybe it's because the last 2 days I didn't get out and walk... I guess it also didn't help that Red Coach Inn didn't call today so I am guessing I didn't get the Front Desk/Night Audit job. Still have my fingers crossed that Alltel will be contacting me with a job offer before the end of that 5-10 business days they quoted.

Sunday I will be filing the weekly claim with Unemployment as well as filling out an application online with Sunflower Bank for call center position they have advertised as well as perusing the classified ads in the Sunday paper to see where I want to put in applications this week. I also need to fax in the paperwork the unemployment office has sent me before Thursday as that is when my phone hearing with them is.

I think also this weekend I will be working on my room some more. I also need to sit down and write my little brother a letter. I think also I will take an extra long walk both Saturday and Sunday to make up for not going walking Thursday and Friday. Maybe even grab my discman and pop in an MP3 CD so I have something good to listen to while walking.

For now though, I think I'm going to take my pillow up on its offer of resting my head and getting some sleep.

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