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So got home from work tonight and heated up some leftovers for dinner.

Ran a couple missions in AO, and then unhooked my tv, vcr and dvd player, took them out of the entertainment center, moved the bookcase out of the way and then moved the entertainment center so it is on the opposite wall it was on. I can now see the TV while I'm on the computer.

After that, I went for a 20 minute walk.

Click to see the route I walked )

Ended up walking .96 miles tonight. I especially like the area I live in because 2 of those streets were an uphill incline while walking which makes it a little more challenging.

Once I got home from my walk, I moved the bookcase into a corner by the couch and finally unpacked my books and got them put up on the book case. (Yes, it's sad, I only own 1 bookcase of books).

And now, I'm working on a few more missions in AO before it's time to grab a shower, do up the few supper dishes there were, and get to bed.
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My first day at Alltel was ok. :) Nothing spectacular, since it was just the new hire paperwork mostly, but all in all I think I will very much enjoy working there. We got to leave 10 min early today since the next topic we are supposed to cover takes awhile and they didn't want to start it with only 10 min left in the class.

Came home, took out the trash I forgot to take out this morning and then did up a few dishes and washed the skillet so I could make dinner. Heated up some Chicken Parmegano stuff I had bought at the grocery store and some green beans to go along with it. The leftovers I divided equally into 2 tupperware containers and one of them I will probably take to work tomorrow for lunch. Also managed to get the supper dishes done and only have a few more pots/pans that need washed, but will wait til the others in the dish drainer are dry first.

So tonight's plan I think is some more unpacking and maybe some more token farming in Anarchy Online.
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I just found out via 1 broken glass that my dish drainer doesn't hold glasses on the side well when placing them on the side closest to counter's edge. So instead of 8 nice glasses and 8 juice glasses, I have 7 glasses and 8 juice glasses... oh well. :) I think I shall manage and at least I know not to use that side of the drainer anymore for drying my glasses.

I've managed to get the tupperware lids, one set of dishes, the silverware and glasses washed so far. Still have one set of dishes to wash as well as the rest of my bakeware and pots and pans.

I've also managed to unpack my DVDs and get them back up on their rightful shelf. Am pondering moving the shelf closer to the entertainment center but I think I will wait until I have the living room unpacked and all the boxes out of the way first.

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