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I don't think it went that well.. but we'll see. I was honest and gave my side of everything. Won't know the outcome til it arrives in the mail... as they mail the written decisions. So keeping your fingers crossed and sending lots of good thoughts my way would be extremely appreciated right now. Even if they decide against me, I would be able to appeal I guess but I'd rather not have to do that. Would rather they decide I keep the benefits and that Lock\Line doesn't go after a 2nd appeal.

Sent my resume and cover letter for a Route Sales position.. Probably not a job I would like, but it does at least fulfil one of the 2 required applications for this week for unemployment. Applied at alltel again too but I'm not counting that one since I have decided that I am going to keep applying there every time they change the job requisition number. I figure they can't keep telling me "thanks but no thanks" forever. I'll probably either apply at one of the motels again or may break down and go apply for the fuel desk job at the place I worked before Lock\Line. I hated the place but a job is a job I guess. And the position I wanted when I first applied there is open so at least time I can tell them I am only interested in that one position and not the other they stuck me in last time.
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So at 9:45am later today I have the unemployment appeal hearing. I'm extremely scared that they will side with Lock\Line this time and reverse the unemployment benefits and make me pay back what I have gotten so far. Everyone else seems to think I will definitely win. I wish I had their confidence about it. Any good thoughts, prayers, etc... that you all can send my way for later today would be *greatly* appreciated!

For now, I am going to attempt sleep since I have to be up in about 6 hours to get ready to drive my little sister to school.
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Actually, I should be sleeping, technically I am in bed (yay laptops!).

I was right, got the rejection letter from the Highway Patrol. Also found out the appeal hearing is set for the 30th of March at 9:45am. I just hope they decide in my favor and that I get to keep receiving the Unemployment. I'm very worried and stressed about this, but have been trying to not let it get to me... trying, but not always very successful. It's bad enough Lock\Line fired me, but now they're still trying to fuck my life over by appealing the unemployment decision and if they win, I have to pay back everything I've gotten so far. I truly hope my argument that Lock\Line did have other choices than to fire me holds up. Need to call them tomorrow to leave the phone number they can reach me at on Thurs morning for the hearing.

Kinda been taking a break from AO, even though I stay logged in. I haven't done much ingame lately other than reset some perks on my main and answer questions orgmates might have. A lot of the fun disappeared a few days ago when I had some complete stranger (noone I had dealt with previously ingame) insult me, tell me I didn't know pricing (I was trying to sell something ingame), that I must have ebayed my main, and "no wonder people hate your org". It really got to me.

Anyways, I'm starting to feel sleepy now so i'm gonna put the laptop down and try to get a couple hours sleep before the alarm goes off.

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