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My supervisor sent out an email asking for people to email him back if they were interested in volunteering to be the Team Captain. Basically it would entail taking on a couple of extra duties to help out the team, without any change in title or pay.... and I sent and email back with a few sentences stating why I thought I would be good at it.

I normally do not volunteer myself like that, and I still am not sure why I did... except I guess for the first time ever, I actually see myself *wanting* to move up and work hard to actually get promoted within a company. I actually find myself *wanting* to move up to the Lead Queue, and maybe even internal IT/Tech Support or heaven forbid, become a Trainer. It's a rather odd feeling, but I really don't feel all that weird about it. More like awe that I actually did it.

I was also in a rather odd very cheerful mood most of the day. Maybe it has something to due with the fact that tomorrow's my Friday... or maybe it's like I told a coworker... there was like 2 inches of sugar in the bottom of my coffee. Either way, it definitely was a good day. :) I didn't have any bad calls, and I still managed to sell a few features today to add to my ever-growing pile of commission that will get paid out at the end of August.

Today was rather slow too, which helps. :) I started reading Mercedes Lackey's The Last Herald-Mage series. I am very nearly to the end of the first book in the series. I will likely finish it tonight and start the second book either later tonight or tomorrow during my lunch break, since I know I will not have time in between calls as it's always busy on Mondays.

I have an eye appointment on Tuesday. Now that I have vision insurance again, I am going to get a new pair of glasses since it is covered by the vision insurance we get at Alltel. Then perhaps next year, I will get contacts again. It will be good to have a decent pair of frames again. The pair I have broke awhile back and one of the ear pieces doesn't even fit the frames very well, but they work enough that I can still wear them and see out of them.
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Had a couple of stressful calls today, but overall I think I did pretty good. It was rather slow today which was very nice. Finally started reading The DaVinci Code and managed to get through the first 23 chapters at work, and then am up to chapter 38 now. It is going to be busier at work tomorrow, so I doubt I get any reading done except during my lunch break.

Starting to fall asleep in my chair so I think bedtime is right around the corner for me.

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