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I really didn't do a whole lot today. Did a few dishes, was going to cook dinner, but ordered Mr. Goodcent's instead... and listened to the K-State vs. Florida Atlantic football game. K-State shut them out 45-0. :) Next week's game against Marshall should prove interesting.

On Thursday, met with one of the girls from my training class at one of my favorite restaurants! El Cazador's here in Manhattan. I was thinking about it and sadly before Thursday, I hadn't been there since [ profile] mizdandylynn and [ profile] hubs came through Manhattan awhile back. I should make it a point to go there more often!

Got a new toy yesterday... a new Palm T|X. The built-in wi-fi works with the wireless router, and I can connect via bluetooth to my phone on my breaks at work. :) Dunno what I will do yet with my old Tungsten E. Thinking of either selling it or seeing if maybe Mom or a friend of mine might want it. It still works, just wanted a more up-to-date one with ability to connect wirelessly to the net when I'm not home. :) Of course the increase in built-in memory helps too, heh.

Hoping sales pick up this month like they did last month. Seems I keep getting people who either want to look at the phones/accessories in the sales office, or just don't want to make any changes just want information. I do have a couple callbacks to make this month and hopefully when I make them, the customers haven't changed their minds about the accessories they were interested in. We'll see.

Need to finish a couple letters tomorrow between calls so I can get them in the mail on Monday. I owe Mom a letter and will probably write my baby sister and my little brother depending on how slow it is tomorrow.

I think I am going to make pork chops with mushroom garlic soup to make a sauce/gravy to pour over mashed potatoes when I get home from work tomorrow. Hmm, need to set up the coffee pot and turn on the timer before bed tonight so I have a caffeine source available when I get up tomorrow morning.

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