Feb. 1st, 2007 09:29 pm
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I am soooo tired. Ended up taking 111 calls between 8:30 am and 8:00 pm today. The queue light was deep red from start of my shift to the very end. I am hoping tomorrow it not nearly as busy.

I will be sooooo glad when the upstairs neighbors are gone. Came home tonight and the only place to park was behind one of the trucks parked in the garage. So I put the following note up outside my door. "I will move my car tomorrow morning when I leave for work at 8am. If you do not like me parking behind you then don't let your friends steal my parking area." They can kiss my ass if they think I am going to move my car before then. I think I will also be calling the landlord tomorrow and ask him to have a chat with the neighbors or send out some sort of letter to all tenants regarding the parking area here.

lazy day

Jan. 6th, 2007 11:26 pm
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Best intentions going astray and all that...

I had the intention of getting up and doing a few hours of overtime today, but laziness won out and I slept in til about 9:30 and didn't bother even checking availability for OT today. Tomorrow I am going to dinner with a friend of mine so I can't work late... but I should be able to get back on the OT train Monday, then going to Salina on Tuesday, and should be able to do some more OT wednesday - friday maybe even saturday... will have to see what is available this week.

So I changed around my shift preferences a little bit. I went with my old supervisor as my first choice (which means I'd be working 4 ten hour shifts and 3 days off). My current supervisor is a really nice person and easy to get along with but reliability isn't a strong suit. She really doesn't email our team to let us know if she's not going to be around for the day or if she's going home early or anything like that... and Friday she wasn't even there at all. Now, I know she wasn't feeling well on Wednesday, but it would have been decent if she'd have taken 2 minutes to email our team from home (we can access email from home) and tell us what was goin on. Not to mention our team really hasn't done anything to motivate or support each other or even do anything fun as a group together... so yeah, I'm going back (or going to try to) to my old supervisor's team. So um yeah, any good thoughts or whatever it is you do that could be sent my way in hopes I get the shift/supervisor I want would be muchly appreciated. I have a pretty decent chance though as i'm ranked 38/194.

I've also been listening to my mp3 folder most of today. Which also means I've essentially taken a long trip down memory lane today as a lot of the music in there has a lot of different memories tied to it, some good, some not so good. At least they weren't *terrible* :)

Hmm that reminds me... need to upload the pics that were taken over Christmas while I was at Mom's. Got some cute new pictures of my niece and nephew and little sister. Maybe I can get started on that tomorrow night after I get home from dinner.

Ugh... seems the neighbors have decided to start playing guitar and being noisy again... I hope it's just temporary and they cut it out soon... If I have to go up there in the middle of the night again I'm going to be pissed and the landlord will be getting another complaint call tomorrow.

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