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Made it to Manhattan around 11am. Got the key to my apartment and soon started unloading the truck with help from a friend of mine. Got the truck unloaded and dropped off by 2:45 and headed back to Salina, where I picked up my car and came back home. I am thinking a trip to Wal-mart is in order, but first food. Will post more details later.
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Taking the pc offline. Be back Thursday night if the DSL works at the new place ;)
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So, the thunderstorms I thought we were gonna get never happened here. Oh well.

I am still pissed off at Uhaul but my blood pressure isn't as skyhigh as it was earlier. I just hope things work out tomorrow. I want the truck loaded and ready to go so all I have to do is take off thursday morning and go to manhattan, unload it and drop it off then come back to Salina to get my car.
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There are not words enough today to describe how pissed off I am with U-haul and their service. And it is practically too late to find another moving rental company before tomorrow. :(

They called today, to tell me they were still working on the reservation, and that at the time it looked like the closest pickup point would be Marion, KS. That's 69 miles from where I am now, which is about the same distance from here to where I am moving, it's just SE not E of here. Oh but "they can't guarantee in-town pickup" and "that was in the terms you agreed to when you made the reservation online" and "what happens to your car is not our problem". Very very bad customer service, in my opinion.

So now I'm stuck waiting til tomorrow, seething and getting madder at them by the minute, and there's nothing I can do but wait, because none of the places here in Salina rent moving trucks or are all Uhaul authorized renters. :(
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It's thunderstorming!! :)

I *love* thunderstorms!

I think tomorrow I am going to take my bed apart and lean it against the wall and just sleep on the couch for tomorrow and wednesday nights. I also need to get into the garage and get my stuff moved from the back up to the front so it is easier to load onto the truck on wednesday.

Installed ubuntu on the laptop today. Will probably mess with getting the wireless card working either Thursday night (if I'm not dead tired which I prolly will be) or this weekend.
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Still a bit of packing to be done...

Fixed my aunt's computer this morning. Then I went out to eat with Mom, little sis, my aunt and uncle and my grandparents. Afterwards, I grabbed a box and headed across the alley to my grandparents house where grandma hooked me up with a few cleaning supplies, some tea towels, wash cloths and dish towels, paper towels and paper plates w/ holders, a bucket/trashcan, and a broom and vacuum cleaner. So that's a little less I will have to get from Wal-Mart next week after I have moved.

I think tomorrow will be another day of having the computer off most of the day, so that I can get some real progress made on the packing front.
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Managed to get a little more packing done. Still have yet to venture into the closet. I think I will see about doing that after I pack most of the clothes (at least the ones I wont be wearing in the next 6 days or so).

Since I didn't get the lease in yesterday's mail, I called the landlord to find out what was going on. It turns out he had been checking with the current tenant (my best friend's sister) to make sure things were still going well as far as her being out by the 31st and not needing extra time. Everything still is right on schedule so he mailed the lease on Tuesday and I should be seeing it today.

I should also be getting the check soon from cashing in the 8 shares of DST stock I had when I worked for Lock\Line. That should at least help me stay current on a few things til I get my first check.

I also got a phone call yesterday from my step-brother, so it seems that had been the right address after all. :) He is coming to Salina on Friday so I'll finally get to see him again after several years.

Wow, a week from today and I'll be typing from my new apartment. :)
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Supposed to get up to 95 today, and we're under yet another thunderstorm watch. Normal Kansas weather I guess, but trying to clean and pack while mom's a/c isn't working sucks. Esp with my room being the warmest in the house most days.

I was doing some searching last night and found out my step-brother has been released from Hutchinson Correctional Facility finally. I think I also found his current address and sent him a letter today. Yay for the internet. I just hope it's the right address. It has been far too long since I last wrote him or even heard from him. I've also written my little brother (half brother) and let him know of my new address as well. So hopefully he writes me back soon either here or after I have moved to my new apartment.

Speaking of the new apartment, need to get ahold of the landlord tomorrow. He said he would try to get the lease filled in and mailed to me so that I'd have it by Monday and it still hasn't shown up in the mail. I really want to get this taken care of since I will be moving in a week and 2 days.

Went and finally got the change of address stuff from the Post Office and picked up some 2 cent stamps since during my cleaning I found almost a full book of 37-cent stamps. I also have almost a full book of 39-cent stamps so it looks like I am set on postage for awhile, heh. I also got gas in the car I'm driving now and then went and picked up some boxes from a place mom used to work for. So now I just need to re-motivate myself and get them re-assembled and packed.
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I did crap all today... Pulled a rubbermaid bin from under the table, dumped it out and put my books in it and that's about the extent of my productiveness today. I was just so totally unmotivated today for some reason.

Tomorrow I should be getting the car I'm borrowing from a friend of Mom's. I think once I have it I'll start loading up the things I'm taking across the street to the DAV and then drive them over to unload. That way I won't have to make several trips back and forth across the street. :)

Also, if the lease hasn't shown up in tomorrow's mail, gonna call the landlord and find out why.
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Started the day by calling SBC to have my DSL and phone line set up to be turned on in Manhattan on June 1st. So I should have internet as soon as I can hook up my computer when I get there, but will prolly not be on that day til later that night after everything is unloaded and the bed is at least set up and some things are unpacked.

Then I came in and took my matress off my bed, and moved my box springs to lean in front of the entertainment center and spent the day cleaning under the bed and then putting the bed back together. I think that's all the cleaning I am doing today. Tomorrow I shall be going through the 2 plastic bins under my table and starting to pack them once that is done. And eventually, I shall brave whatever is inside the closet!! I also need to start hauling away the computer bits I know I will never use (i.e. the 486s) and drop them off across the street at the DAV.

Heh, my great aunt just called Mom's cell phone... asked her how she was then asked if I was home because she wanted to talk to me. I am amused. So while I was talking to her I made sure she had my new phone number and my cell phone number so she could call me directly next time. :)

I need to get a few letters written and sent out so family and such will have my new address and phone number, as well as do the change of address form online with the post office. Maybe I'll start the letter writing tonight since it doesn't take a whole lot of energy.
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So, the landlord is going to be mailing me the lease to sign. :) Moving truck is reserved for the 31st so I can load it that night and drive it to Manhattan on the first of June and unload it and return it that same day. Only thing left now is finish cleaning and packing all my stuff and have it all ready to load on the truck on the 31st of May. 2 weeks and 1 day from now... wow! Cant believe in just over 2 weeks I'll be out on my own again.
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So I'm going up to Manhattan in the morning to fill out the application for that apartment I mentioned earlier. It's $505/ month with all utils (water/gas/electric/trash) paid which isn't too bad considering even if i had a $400/month place, having to pay gas / electric could put that over $505 alone depending on the weather. So with my new job that still should leave PLENTY leftover to start catching up on my bills and allow me to keep my DSL and maybe even get cable. I'll have to sit down and rework my tentative budget since utils are included. :)

I can't wait til I have a signed lease so I can get the moving truck reserved and then all I have to worry about is the cleaning and packing until the 31st.
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Have made a minor dent in the cleaning process... Still a long ways to go, but I know I will get there.

Tomorrow I go look at 6 places, and might even get lucky enough to decide on one. Once I know where I will be living then I will swing by the post office and get the change of address forms to fill out as well as call SBC to start the process of moving my DSL and setting up the other utilities so that everything will be all set up (theoretically) on June 1st.

Watching the rest of CSI then I'll try to motivate myself back to more cleaning.
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So I finally get the profit sharing check in yesterday's mail. Took it to the bank last night and deposited. I figured it would at least show up as having been deposited today, but so far it hasn't. Really hope it shows up tomorrow.

Also haven't heard anything yet as far as the background check for Alltel. Hopefully it is going smoothly and I will get an email letting me know there is nothing standing in my way of starting on June 5th.

Going back to Manhattan on Friday to look at a few apartments (if the check shows up by then so I can afford gas!). Hopefully I'll be able to find a decent one that is reasonably priced as far as rent goes.

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