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Just got a call from Rent-A-Center about an application I submitted back in April. Hooray for being able to tell them I have a job that I'm starting on Monday and am no longer interested.


May. 11th, 2006 11:39 am
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Just heard from Alltel... background check came back just fine! I start June 5th!

Now all that's left is finding a place to live, clean, pack and move! :)
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So I finally get the profit sharing check in yesterday's mail. Took it to the bank last night and deposited. I figured it would at least show up as having been deposited today, but so far it hasn't. Really hope it shows up tomorrow.

Also haven't heard anything yet as far as the background check for Alltel. Hopefully it is going smoothly and I will get an email letting me know there is nothing standing in my way of starting on June 5th.

Going back to Manhattan on Friday to look at a few apartments (if the check shows up by then so I can afford gas!). Hopefully I'll be able to find a decent one that is reasonably priced as far as rent goes.
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Altel called me tonight around 5pm. Pending the outcome of the background check... I have a job!!! :)
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Got a phone call this morning from one of the places I applied to this past week. It was for a Night Audit position with Baymont Inn & Suites. I highly doubt the interview went well, and even if it did, it would only be 16 hours a week at 6.50 an hour. Not exactly something I could live on.

Also got a call from Alltel about half an hour ago. They want me to do a phone interview tomorrow at 1:30pm for a call center job. The catch is, this job is about 65 miles away, and I don't have my own car let alone a place to live in that town. I guess I'll just have to see how it goes.

I am also supposed to be getting a call from Orkin sometime this weekend to setup an interview sometime next week for an Account Manager position.
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I don't think it went that well.. but we'll see. I was honest and gave my side of everything. Won't know the outcome til it arrives in the mail... as they mail the written decisions. So keeping your fingers crossed and sending lots of good thoughts my way would be extremely appreciated right now. Even if they decide against me, I would be able to appeal I guess but I'd rather not have to do that. Would rather they decide I keep the benefits and that Lock\Line doesn't go after a 2nd appeal.

Sent my resume and cover letter for a Route Sales position.. Probably not a job I would like, but it does at least fulfil one of the 2 required applications for this week for unemployment. Applied at alltel again too but I'm not counting that one since I have decided that I am going to keep applying there every time they change the job requisition number. I figure they can't keep telling me "thanks but no thanks" forever. I'll probably either apply at one of the motels again or may break down and go apply for the fuel desk job at the place I worked before Lock\Line. I hated the place but a job is a job I guess. And the position I wanted when I first applied there is open so at least time I can tell them I am only interested in that one position and not the other they stuck me in last time.
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Had my unemployment phone hearing on Thursday. Checked the website today and saw that my claim was approved and Lock\Line does have to pay the unemployment benefits. So at least I will be getting $239 a week to help with costs until I can find another job. Have applied at several places... got the rejection letter the other day from Alltel and never did hear back from Red Coach Inn.

Need to write my little brother a letter some time this weekend. It has been far too long since I last wrote him. I also picked up some decent resume paper and new ink cartridges for my printer so I can print off copies of my resume and start sending it out to places that are asking for resumes.

Other than that, haven't really been up to much.


Jan. 14th, 2006 04:03 am
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It's 4am and I should be sleeping... Didn't really have a good Friday the 13th. Nothing extraordinarily bad happened, but it still wasn't a great day. Dunno why but was just in a generally crappy mood most of the day and couldn't really shake it. Maybe it's because the last 2 days I didn't get out and walk... I guess it also didn't help that Red Coach Inn didn't call today so I am guessing I didn't get the Front Desk/Night Audit job. Still have my fingers crossed that Alltel will be contacting me with a job offer before the end of that 5-10 business days they quoted.

Sunday I will be filing the weekly claim with Unemployment as well as filling out an application online with Sunflower Bank for call center position they have advertised as well as perusing the classified ads in the Sunday paper to see where I want to put in applications this week. I also need to fax in the paperwork the unemployment office has sent me before Thursday as that is when my phone hearing with them is.

I think also this weekend I will be working on my room some more. I also need to sit down and write my little brother a letter. I think also I will take an extra long walk both Saturday and Sunday to make up for not going walking Thursday and Friday. Maybe even grab my discman and pop in an MP3 CD so I have something good to listen to while walking.

For now though, I think I'm going to take my pillow up on its offer of resting my head and getting some sleep.
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So, in a few minutes, someone from Alltel will be calling. I called yesterday to check the status of my application, and we went over a couple things and then she asked when a good time to call back would be as she was about to leave the office. So she is going to be calling in about 10 minutes.

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