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So yeah... woke up this morning with a headache. Didn't sleep well at all last night which didn't help. And to top it off, I've been fighting a cold today also. Dayquil was my best friend at work today. As a result, I have 0 motivation and almost 0 attention span for much of anything tonight which kinda sucks.

Work was ok today. Managed to add a line, sell a bluetooth headset and add a few features. Not a bad day for my first day back from vacation. I also found out on the 27th I got a 100% Quality score! :)

We are also in the middle of the shift bid for February's shift changes. I am ranked 38/194!!! This shocked me considering how new I am. Right now I'm debating between putting the 4 10 hour shifts as my first choice with my old supervisor, or the 5 8 hour 12pm - 9pm shifts as my 1st choice with my current supervisor. The 4 10s would be kinda nice to have 3 days off but would also be more of a strain on my voice. Hmm... I have until the 8th to get my final preferences submitted though. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have more ability to focus on it. There's 126 different shifts to rank! Ugh.

I still haven't even started thinking about what I want to work on this year. I have *general ideas* formulated but I want them to be more specific and stuff I can measure (the dave ramsey fans will understand that one LOL) and work on and realistically obtain this year... so yeah it's gonna take a little longer for that I think. Still mulling it over in my head though which is a good thing.

I also need to write my little brother back at some point in the very near future. I did get to talk to him on the phone when I was at Mom's around Christmas which was cool. He's actually admitted to wanting to be like me! He told me in a letter awhile back that said he decided he had 2 choices... he could try to make me change the things *I* liked, or he could just admit that he was like me. haha

I think I am going to try to go to bed earlier tonight and hopefully sleep better.

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