Jan. 17th, 2007 11:54 pm
krzy: (Default)
Work was ok. Finally sold another accessory today which should make my month to date stats look much better! If I am not over my monthly goal, I should be very close to it. That is much better than being only 35% towards goal. Now I just need to focus on maintaining or selling a couple more as well as keeping my transfer rate down and I'll be over 100% on all my monthly goals.

Played some more Sims 2 tonight. I decided to completely scrap all the other families I had and started a single sim and sent her to college. So far she's on her 3rd semester.

Damn.. almost midnight.. guess I'd better get to bed or trying to wake up will be hell tomorrow.

Lazy Day

Jan. 16th, 2007 11:34 pm
krzy: (rose mcgowan)
Didn't really do much of anything today except play lots of Sims 2.

Did get to talk to my uncle today. He and Grandma are doing ok and finally had their electricity turned back on today. They had propane for heat for which I am glad. Other than a small hole in my uncle's roof it sounds like they got through the ice storm ok, although my uncle will have to replace a couple of his ham radio towers (hence the hole in hls roof). My dad went over and patched the hole as a temporary fix which was nice of him to do.

Managed to survive the boredom yesterday. Even got paid 2.5x my normal pay for working yesterday.

Well I need to head on to bed. Gotta work tomorrow.

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