krzy: (bedtime!)
About 8 o'clock, my friend Ann called and asked what I was doing. I was getting ready to play some Anarchy Online but she asked if I wanted to go get something to drink, and that sounded like fun. So I logged out of game, and went over to her house where soon after another of her friends showed up and off we went to a mexican restaurant where he ate and Ann and I just had virgin pina coladas and we chatted. After we were done there, we headed over to Hastings and Ann bought The Boondock Saints and we went back to her place to watch it. I liked it. Once I get paid I think I will be adding it to my DVD collection. :)

And now I think it is soon to be bedtime. Sometime tomorrow am supposed to meet up with [ profile] chuck_lynn for a drink before they head further west towards Abilene. Should be lots of fun! :)

(wow, look at me having a life!)

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