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So um, I was checking my paystub and trying to figure out why it wasn't exactly matching what I had estimated. Well, I was doing my math based on my rate of pay which was 11.48/hr. Nope that was my OLD rate of pay! Seems as of 7/1/07, I got a raise and promoted to CSR specialist. the promotion doesn't mean anything that we know of yet other than the 3% raise and a title, but still I'll definitely take that raise. That puts me at 11.83/hr now. :)


May. 20th, 2007 11:58 pm
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So yeah. I'm alive... and I was actually rather productive today.

I did my grocery shopping today. I had a lot of stuff on hand already so really I just had to pick up some necessities like laundry soap and minor ingredients to complete some of the meals I have planned out for the next couple weeks.

Got home, put away the groceries, and started catching up on my dishes. Didn't quite finish, but I made a huge dent and can see my stove again which is good since I plan on using it again in the very near future. I just never seem to have the motivation during the week to keep up with my dishes, so they usually end up piling up all week. :\

I also cleaned my coffee pot and got it ready to use tomorrow. Managed to also get some laundry done as well.

Thursday night when I noticed my paycheck had posted to my checking account, I scheduled the final payment on my 2nd Capital One Card. This means I now have permanently gotten rid of 3 credit cards and their balances. I've also managed to pay in full the $500 I agreed to pay for the car I had from May to November of last year. And June's budget is looking great so far. I will probably be posting more about that soon in the [TMMO] filter.

For now though, it's bedtime since the start of another long work week is about 9 hours away, and the alarm is going off at 7.
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Work was... eh. Lots of transferred calls, lots of grumpy people. I did manage to completely de-escalate someone though which was cool. She started the call with "I need a supervisor!!" After calming her down a little and getting her name and phone number so I could look at her account, I was able to resolve her issue and not have the call escalate. Go me!

Direct deposit has been posted to my checking account and I've scheduled one of my credit card payments. It's the one I'm paying in full with this check. :) Need to schedule the other payments and will probably do that tomorrow or later this weekend.

Putting in 10 hours of overtime tomorrow. Need to stop at the gas station and bank before work so I'll probably be leaving a little earlier than normal so I get there on time. Either that or I'll at least hit the gas station before work and then maybe the bank on lunch break or Saturday morning. Saturday morning I'm going to Salina for my baby sister's birthday party. I think I'll also do about 5 hours of OT on Sunday and then do another 5 next Friday and take all of Saturday off, so I can still meet my 10 hour / week overtime goal.

Well, if I am going to get up and go put in another 10 hour day, I'd better get to bed.
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So um yeah... I haven't posted in a few days... there goes my perfect posting record for this year, haha. Somehow, I knew it wouldn't last. Oh well, heh. I blame it partiallly on the new schedule.

Let's see... did overtime last sunday from 8am - 7pm, then worked mon - thurs 9am - 8pm. was very lazy yesterday and today... and didn't work at all. Tomorrow I am going in from 9am - 6pm for some more overtime, then Monday - Thurs 9am - 8pm, Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 1pm. I am only doing 4 hours on Saturday so I can get things done around the apartment that I won't have time for or want to do during the week (like cleaning!).

I've been in the lead queue 3 times so far and it's been ok. Only have had 2 escalated calls to take, the rest have been questions. It wasn't nearly as hard or scary as I thought it would be! I have a feeling I'd be very good at it on a full time basis.

Things at work might be a little uncertain on the team front at least... My supervisor managed to get himself promoted to a new position effective 2/26. While I'm happy that he got the new job, I'm very sad that I'm losing my favorite supervisor there. So yeah, I should know more later this week on how that is going to affect our team and who we might be "stuck" with. If I do end up on a new team, I might not be team captain which will suck since it was so short lived. I'm hoping nothing changes except the supervisor. We'll see.

The walking thing is going ok. I haven't been walking as much as I'd like and that's mostly my own fault. I have managed to log about 16 miles so far since January 22nd when work started their walking tracker thing. 9 more to go til the first milestone.

Need to find time this week to get letters written to my little brother, mom and grandma. Got letters from all of them last week. I also need to email my other grandma back.

Got paid yesterday, and after my car payment and insurance payment post from checking account, filling up the gas tank, paying the payment on one credit card and taking out $50 for groceries, I had enough left over to move another $350 over to savings bringing me to $800 out of my goal of $1000. Once I hit $1000, I am going to start paying off my debts smallest to largest, and the first to die will be the Orchard Bank Mastercard. This will be able to be done either once my federal refund hits the checking account, or next payday. I cannot wait!

I also need to swing by Wal-mart in the next couple of weeks and pick up my little sister's birthday present before I go to Salina for her birthday party on the 24th.

But for now, I'm going to head off to bed since I am going to be going in tomorrow for the overtime.
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Work was ok. Managed to make it to 5:30 in relatively one piece. Also managed to sell a few features today which helped kinda offset all the whiners I had today as well as the people that kept interrupting me while I was trying to tell them exactly what they wanted me to tell them. I hate it when people do that. When you call to ask someone about your bill, or anything for that matter, LET THEM TELL YOU! Especially when the answer is to your benefit! At least I am off tomorrow.

Stopped by the store on my way home tonight and picked up some generic nyquil and some generic dayquil. The cold is mostly gone, so hopefully by taking it easy and getting to sleep in tomorrow I will finally be free of it soon.

Speaking of tomorrow... I turn 27 tomorrow. I'm glad I dont have to work on my birthday this year and even happier that I'm doing so while having a job to go back to on Friday! Last year I celebrated my birthday 2 days after getting fired from Lock\Line.

I heard from my Dad for the first time in a long while. He emailed me tonight to wish me a happy early birthday (and even managed to remember how old I will be). I also got an email from my grandma. I am planning on writing them both back tomorrow. It was kinda nice to have Dad make the first move at communication for once. I've been emailing and talking to my uncle on yahoo messenger since Christmas. I called both grandma and my uncle on christmas and found out they both had email. I also got my aunt's email and need to write her too. I haven't talked to her in years.

I also need to call Kansas Counselors Inc tomorrow. They call every day while I am at work and leave a message on the machine... for someone who doesn't even live here. So I am going to call them tomorrow and once again remind them that I am the only person who lives here. I do owe them money for old medical bills, and would understand if they were calling about that debt, but that's not even who they ask for when they leave messages on the answering machine. I figure I will reawaken that debt once I knock out the current debts I have.

Well, I think I am gonna post this and go to bed.
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So um yeah about 2 o'clock earlier this afternoon, my friend Ann dropped by and we went down to Aggieville (kinda like downtown) and she had lunch while I had a brownie and some iced tea since I had already had lunch. After that we ran a couple of errands and then this evening went to have chinese food and hung out a couple different places. Watched both parts of the first episode of Brisco County Jr and then watched a movie called Volcano High. Finally decided that 1:30am was just a bit too late to be out and about so I came home and caught up on LJ and posted a couple of comments.

I think tomorrow I am going to try to get some more unpacking done. Maybe I will finally get my books onto the book case where they belong. Just a shame my book and dvd collections aren't near as extensive as I'd like them to be, but that's something I should be able to start changing in about a month once I get paid a few more times and have a little extra money for spending on me. :)

Need to go get laundry soap and quarters tomorrow so I can do a couple loads of laundry and have clean clothes to wear to work next week. I get paid on Friday, so that will help a lot since I'll be low on groceries by then. Hooray for starting a new job in the middle of a pay period. My 2nd check will be rent and probably one or two other bills and then my budget should finally be right on track since my 2nd check will be for 2 full weeks instead of 1 week like this coming friday's check will be.

I think I am gonna go try to get some sleep and hopefully not wake up at 6:30am like I did this morning. At least I was able to go back to sleep until 9... All last week I kept waking up between 6:15 and 6:30am even though the alarm wasn't set to go off until 6:45. I hate waking up before the alarm like that, and even more so hate waking up that early when the alarm isn't even set at all.
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Managed to get a little more packing done. Still have yet to venture into the closet. I think I will see about doing that after I pack most of the clothes (at least the ones I wont be wearing in the next 6 days or so).

Since I didn't get the lease in yesterday's mail, I called the landlord to find out what was going on. It turns out he had been checking with the current tenant (my best friend's sister) to make sure things were still going well as far as her being out by the 31st and not needing extra time. Everything still is right on schedule so he mailed the lease on Tuesday and I should be seeing it today.

I should also be getting the check soon from cashing in the 8 shares of DST stock I had when I worked for Lock\Line. That should at least help me stay current on a few things til I get my first check.

I also got a phone call yesterday from my step-brother, so it seems that had been the right address after all. :) He is coming to Salina on Friday so I'll finally get to see him again after several years.

Wow, a week from today and I'll be typing from my new apartment. :)
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So I'm going up to Manhattan in the morning to fill out the application for that apartment I mentioned earlier. It's $505/ month with all utils (water/gas/electric/trash) paid which isn't too bad considering even if i had a $400/month place, having to pay gas / electric could put that over $505 alone depending on the weather. So with my new job that still should leave PLENTY leftover to start catching up on my bills and allow me to keep my DSL and maybe even get cable. I'll have to sit down and rework my tentative budget since utils are included. :)

I can't wait til I have a signed lease so I can get the moving truck reserved and then all I have to worry about is the cleaning and packing until the 31st.
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So I finally get the profit sharing check in yesterday's mail. Took it to the bank last night and deposited. I figured it would at least show up as having been deposited today, but so far it hasn't. Really hope it shows up tomorrow.

Also haven't heard anything yet as far as the background check for Alltel. Hopefully it is going smoothly and I will get an email letting me know there is nothing standing in my way of starting on June 5th.

Going back to Manhattan on Friday to look at a few apartments (if the check shows up by then so I can afford gas!). Hopefully I'll be able to find a decent one that is reasonably priced as far as rent goes.

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