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So far today, I have done some dishes (some many times each because I reused them while doing the next thing), prepared a few meals to put in the freezer for easier cooking on days I have to work, printed an email mom sent for the genealogy notebook I have, put my load of whites in the washer, dug out the blender and wiped it down and washed it, talked to my little sister on the phone, and added a recipe to the meal plan I made yesterday.

And hmm, I really should get some good cooking userpics, heh.


May. 20th, 2007 11:58 pm
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So yeah. I'm alive... and I was actually rather productive today.

I did my grocery shopping today. I had a lot of stuff on hand already so really I just had to pick up some necessities like laundry soap and minor ingredients to complete some of the meals I have planned out for the next couple weeks.

Got home, put away the groceries, and started catching up on my dishes. Didn't quite finish, but I made a huge dent and can see my stove again which is good since I plan on using it again in the very near future. I just never seem to have the motivation during the week to keep up with my dishes, so they usually end up piling up all week. :\

I also cleaned my coffee pot and got it ready to use tomorrow. Managed to also get some laundry done as well.

Thursday night when I noticed my paycheck had posted to my checking account, I scheduled the final payment on my 2nd Capital One Card. This means I now have permanently gotten rid of 3 credit cards and their balances. I've also managed to pay in full the $500 I agreed to pay for the car I had from May to November of last year. And June's budget is looking great so far. I will probably be posting more about that soon in the [TMMO] filter.

For now though, it's bedtime since the start of another long work week is about 9 hours away, and the alarm is going off at 7.
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So let's see... woke up at about 8 this morning because I knew the people who've been working on the bathroom were going to be arriving sometime between 8am and 830am and I figured it would at least be better for me to be up and round before they showed up.

So, I ended up watching the newest episodes of NCIS and CSI:NY this morning and then around 11:30, I left and headed out to run a few errands. Ended up getting the tags renewed on my car, got rent paid, went by the bank and got cash for groceries, gas, spending money, etc... stopped and got some lunch and then while I was just about to head home, I found out my ipod nano had arrived, so I ended up driving out to the facility and picking it up from the front desk. I've decided I am going to keep the 8gb ipod nano and maybe save up for the 30 or 80gb one for more storage at a later date, but for now 8gb should be plenty.

After I ate, I started messing around with the new geek toy and getting it set up on the computer. Transferred over today's Dave Ramsey show podcast and went for a walk around the neighborhood. Ended up walking about a mile which put me at 1.5 miles for the day at that time. Afterwards, I came home, rested a bit and then headed to Target, where I was going to get a case for the ipod nano but they didn't have any I liked. Instead I braved Wal-Mart and not only did I get a case I wanted, but while I was there I decided to go ahead and get my grocery shopping out of the way too. Stopped and grabbed dinner on the way home, and just kinda bummed around chatting online as well as playing a few rounds of Literati on yahoo games. I did notice that once I got sat down for the night, I had logged a total of 2.75 miles today. go me!

Now? I'm listening to it thunder and watching for lightning as it's thunderstorming! :) It's supposed to thunderstorm most of tonight as well as Strong thunderstorms are expected for tomorrow. Yay for thunderstorms!
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Was pretty lazy this weekend, except for today. Today was a lot more productive. Most of yesterday, I finally started watching Heroes thanks to the episodes being online at and about 5am this morning I realized I should probably get some sleep. Woke up around 11 and finished watching the rest of the episodes, did 3 loads of dishes, took out the trash and did 2 loads of laundry. As you probably guessed, no I didn't do any overtime this weekend. The lazy streak won out this weekend unfortunately for my paycheck. I am going to get back on track though and do at least 5 hours on Friday and Saturday.

I've also been very slack on walking as I really didn't do ANY this week. :( I have decided I need to take a different approach as I never seem to be motivated to just go walk. I also need to get back on track on drinking more water. I guess if I go about it by taking baby steps into it, then the smaller victories will help keep me motivated.

Well, I need to go get my whites out of the dryer and get ready to get a shower in before bed since landlord will be starting to redo the bathroom tomorrow and putting in a new shower.
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Work was ok today. Did quite well on feature sells. I probably could have tried a lot harder to sell an accessory or two, but oh well. Voice isn't 100% yet, but getting better daily.

I did have an interesting call tonight. There are self serve options customers can dial. These were sent out on a bill insert with February's bills. They are:

#PAY - make a payment through the automated system
#BAL - check your balance
#MINS - check minutes of use

Well the guy who called in about these new options, was calling to tell me they don't work. Well, #PAY works fine, but the other two are wonky. When he dialed #BAL it told him his minutes of use. He thought he'd dialed wrong so he dialed it again, and was again informed of his current usage. He said he was afraid to try #MINS... so I tried it while on the phone with him... and got immediately routed to the Spanish queue. So yah, an email was promptly sent to my supervisor letting her know this was broken, heh. And while it was the first call I'd gotten about those options being wrong, I'm sure it won't be the last.

Also, I was quite amused. I had my pda plugged into the charger at work. When I left to go home, I took it off the charger and checked the battery level. It said 75%. By the time I got home, ate dinner, and caught up on a few forums... I checked it again. It said 99%. Apparantly it decided to keep charging the battery all by itself without any electricity source.

Ok well as I have to work again tomorrow, I think it's bedtime for me.
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Work was... eh. Lots of transferred calls, lots of grumpy people. I did manage to completely de-escalate someone though which was cool. She started the call with "I need a supervisor!!" After calming her down a little and getting her name and phone number so I could look at her account, I was able to resolve her issue and not have the call escalate. Go me!

Direct deposit has been posted to my checking account and I've scheduled one of my credit card payments. It's the one I'm paying in full with this check. :) Need to schedule the other payments and will probably do that tomorrow or later this weekend.

Putting in 10 hours of overtime tomorrow. Need to stop at the gas station and bank before work so I'll probably be leaving a little earlier than normal so I get there on time. Either that or I'll at least hit the gas station before work and then maybe the bank on lunch break or Saturday morning. Saturday morning I'm going to Salina for my baby sister's birthday party. I think I'll also do about 5 hours of OT on Sunday and then do another 5 next Friday and take all of Saturday off, so I can still meet my 10 hour / week overtime goal.

Well, if I am going to get up and go put in another 10 hour day, I'd better get to bed.


Feb. 20th, 2007 11:02 pm
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Work was ok today. Nothing spectacular other than I finally got an accessory sale today. I am just hoping the guy doesn't return the battery within the 15 days because he specifically told me he needed the battery for the phone. We'll see.

I've got a long day of overtime scheduled for Friday. Going to put in 10 hours since I'm going to Salina Saturday for my baby sister's birthday party. I'm hoping it's as slow tomorrow as it was yesterday. That was very nice having time to breathe between calls.

For now though, I need to get to bed. Otherwise I'll need massive amounts of caffeine to even function tomorrow... wait... would that really be a bad thing? Well, probably it would be lol

Hmm, maybe I will go ahead and stop at Dara's before work and pick up a couple of cans of Bawls to get through tomorrow hehe.

An update

Feb. 18th, 2007 06:42 pm
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So, let's see... I'm still alive. That's always a good thing.

Found out that yes, we will be moving to different teams at work, we just don't know who our new supervisors will be or where we are moving to yet. I guess we'll find out this week. It has been extremely busy at work too. No room for time off at all the rest of the month. In fact they were asking people to work overtime Friday and Saturday. I was going to work some Friday but due to circumstances that happened Thursday night, I didn't go in. I did do 4 hours Saturday. I haven't decided how my OT will work for this week. I have to be in Salina on Saturday for my baby sister's 9th birthday party. I will probably end up pulling a 10 hour day on Friday, and then start working 5 hours Fridays and Saturdays possibly more depending on how much energy I have at the end of each week. At least 10 hours of OT each week though, that's my goal.

Got another 100% quality score last week. That's #6 so far. I also found out that every 5th 100% you get $25 added to a debit card, so four more to go before I have another $25. It also means $20 cash so far this month from my current supervisor. He set a goal for each 100%, you'd get $10 cash. This month has cost him $70 so far and it's not over yet, heh. My sales have kinda sucked the last week or so, but I am still at $450 in comission so far this month. I just hope the next week or two go much better. Would be nice to have another $600+ commission month. Especially for a month that only has 28 days in it. I need to keep up the 100% quality scores too though because for March, April and May I need to be in the top 10% for Quality scores in order to earn the Specialist position in June. Hard to believe in just 4 more months I'll have been at Alltel for a year. What a long way I've come since January of 2006.

So yeah, as to why I didn't work OT on Friday... Thursday night, I managed to hit a 2 foot tall wooden post in our driveway and cracked my front bumper. After I looked at the damage on Friday, I decided to have it looked at for estimates... the damage is cosmetic only so I am holding off on fixing it awhile longer and will be putting money back out of each paycheck til I have the cash to replace the bumper.

I figured I would at least try to do some OT in the afternoon but that quickly got nixed right after my power supply died and I tried to get out of the driveway to go get a new one and couldn't because of the ice/snow still in the driveway and I couldn't get up the incline from the parking area to the actual driveway. So I parked and came back inside and waited til later in the evening and tried again... was able to get out of the driveway and off I went to the computer shop to get a new power supply.

I did manage to put in 4 hours of OT on Saturday. I probably should have done some today, but I was lazy and slept in til 9:30 (waking up from what I think was going to end up being a nightmare). Got up and did a load of dishes, took out the trash, got yesterday's mail. The only thing I got was my little sister's letter, where she was nice enough to send me her birthday list. She had 5 things listed, but had numbered the list from 1 to 13. At the bottom she wrote "Please dont get all of these things, just one." *laughs* Funny thing is, the gift I'm getting her isn't on the list at all, but I know she will still love it.

So hmm... other than work what have I been up to? Well, I spend a lot of my free time after work listening to podcasts of the Dave Ramsey show and hanging out on the my Total Money Makeover Online forums and chat room. I have managed to get a letter written to my little brother. Still owe Mom and Grandma a letter and my other grandma an email. I should probably also email my uncle and let him know I'm still alive too.

I've got two filters started... one for walking and one for my path to become debt free. If you want to be added to them, just let me know.
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So um yeah... I haven't posted in a few days... there goes my perfect posting record for this year, haha. Somehow, I knew it wouldn't last. Oh well, heh. I blame it partiallly on the new schedule.

Let's see... did overtime last sunday from 8am - 7pm, then worked mon - thurs 9am - 8pm. was very lazy yesterday and today... and didn't work at all. Tomorrow I am going in from 9am - 6pm for some more overtime, then Monday - Thurs 9am - 8pm, Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 1pm. I am only doing 4 hours on Saturday so I can get things done around the apartment that I won't have time for or want to do during the week (like cleaning!).

I've been in the lead queue 3 times so far and it's been ok. Only have had 2 escalated calls to take, the rest have been questions. It wasn't nearly as hard or scary as I thought it would be! I have a feeling I'd be very good at it on a full time basis.

Things at work might be a little uncertain on the team front at least... My supervisor managed to get himself promoted to a new position effective 2/26. While I'm happy that he got the new job, I'm very sad that I'm losing my favorite supervisor there. So yeah, I should know more later this week on how that is going to affect our team and who we might be "stuck" with. If I do end up on a new team, I might not be team captain which will suck since it was so short lived. I'm hoping nothing changes except the supervisor. We'll see.

The walking thing is going ok. I haven't been walking as much as I'd like and that's mostly my own fault. I have managed to log about 16 miles so far since January 22nd when work started their walking tracker thing. 9 more to go til the first milestone.

Need to find time this week to get letters written to my little brother, mom and grandma. Got letters from all of them last week. I also need to email my other grandma back.

Got paid yesterday, and after my car payment and insurance payment post from checking account, filling up the gas tank, paying the payment on one credit card and taking out $50 for groceries, I had enough left over to move another $350 over to savings bringing me to $800 out of my goal of $1000. Once I hit $1000, I am going to start paying off my debts smallest to largest, and the first to die will be the Orchard Bank Mastercard. This will be able to be done either once my federal refund hits the checking account, or next payday. I cannot wait!

I also need to swing by Wal-mart in the next couple of weeks and pick up my little sister's birthday present before I go to Salina for her birthday party on the 24th.

But for now, I'm going to head off to bed since I am going to be going in tomorrow for the overtime.
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Didn't do a whole lot... slept in til 11am which was kinda nice (even with the x-men themed dream I had last night).

Was going to go out to dinner with my best friend tonight but due to a ton of homework she had due tomorrow, we've made plans for Sunday night instead.

Am going to be going to Salina on Tuesday. Mom is taking me shopping for a Rice cooker/Veggie Steamer as my birthday present. Yay for new kitchen toys! :)

Emailed my dad back tonight letting him know my address and phone numbers (both cell and landline).

Also did a couple of loads of dishes and made a smaller batch of the Almond Poppyseed bread I tried to make the other night. The first attempt the other night failed miserably. I will know in the morning if this batch turns out ok. I'm hoping so because it sure would make a great breakfast bread.

I still have not finished ranking my shift preferences. There's 126 shifts for us to rank! I do have the top 25 or so done. Am pondering just leaving it at that... I'm ranked 38/194 and there's enough shifts in the top 25 schedules that I'd definitely get one of my preferred shifts... I'll probably work on it some more between calls tomorrow though.

Checked my comission today... in just the 2 days I've worked this month, I'm already at $52. Hopefully I will see another $5-600 month by the 31st.

Well, I guess I'd better get to bed if I have any hope of waking up to the alarm in the morning.
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Well, seeing how it's January 1st already and 2007 is already underway, I figure I should probably post my year in review or something.

January - Got fired from Lock\Line on January 2nd. Turned 26 on January 4th, and started what was going to be about 6 months of job hunting. Also applied for and won unemployment claim and that helped get me through the first few months. Also started walking regularly (every day) with Mom.

February - Was still getting the $239/wk from unemployment, apparantly never posted to LJ the entire month. Both of my little sisters had birthdays (one turned 8 the other turned 20). Still job hunting.

March - Got a letter that Lock\Line was going to be appealing the unemployment. Still job hunting. THe appeal hearing was deferred as a continuance had been filed by Lock\Line so the hearing ended up taking place on March 30th. I continued to receive unemployment pay in the meantime which helped keep me afloat. The appeal hearing took place and didn't go well at all, but I didn't find out the results until April.

April - Got notice of having the unemployment decision being reversed and that I'd have to start repaying it. Still unemployed, but at the end of the month had a phone interview with Alltel for my current job now.

May - Had in-person interview at Alltel. Felt pretty good about the interview when I got home. A few days later, got a job offer from Alltel *pending background check*. The same day I did the drug test, I also interviewed for another position in Manhattan, KS for a lower paying job and did a drug test for them as well and was offered that job immediately, I postponed that offer until I had more concrete news from Alltel's background check news. Spent a lot of time driving between Salina and Manhattan. Cashed in the profit sharing account from Lock\Line also. Was then offered the job at alltel on the 11th and started apartment hunting. Ended up taking over my best friend's sister's old apartment. Had a scare with U-Haul but it worked out and was well on my way to getting moved to Manhattan.

June - Moved to Manhattan, KS. Started my new job on the 5th of June. Met and had lunch with [ profile] mizdandylynn and [ profile] hubs. That was lots of fun! Got incredibly drunk (only once) at my best friend's house. Ran into my ex at Wal-Mart. Started having more of a social life while hanging out at my best friend's house.

July - Finished training at the new job and started working my new schedule of 10am - 7pm every day except tues/wed. Also had an eye exam and got new glasses. Towards the end of the month, I bought a new Kyocera Strobe phone and Bluetooth headset to use on my employee cell phone account.

August - Little brother turned 22. Nothing too exciting other than a great month comission wise at work and shift bid for new schedule effective in September.

September - Started my new 9am - 6pm schedule with Thursdays and Saturdays off. Replaced my Palm Tungsten E with a Palm T|X and gave the Tungsten E to Mom. Was also reminded again that mom *does* read my Livejournal (*laughs*). My nephew was born. Had Privacy Manager set up on my landline due to a harassing caller. Switched with the girl sitting across from me as she needed a 9-6 schedule and started working 8:30am - 5:30 pm with Tuesdays and Saturdays off. Got the new Weird Al CD for me and a copy for my baby sister.

October - Brought my 8 yr old sister to Manhattan for one weekend and went to see Open Season with her as well as a trip to Sunset Zoo the next day. Was supposed to go see Hamlet on campus at the theater but that didn't work out. Mom came up to Manhattan to see the new apartment. Entertained myself for an entire weekend at work making sure one lady's cell phone was still Non Pay Disconnect status until her $3000+ payment cleared and posted to her account.

November - Apparantly I didn't post at all again for November... But.. I got a new car! 2002 Dodge Stratus R\T. other rocking month for comission sales. :) I also started a written budget and worked on getting caught up on past due credit card payments and cut up all my credit cards. Working on digging my way out of debt.

December - First part of December was rather uneventful... work, come home, sleep, repeat. Did lots of Overtime the first part of the month to make up for being on vacation the last week. Ended up getting caught up on ALL my bills!!! :) Had vacation from the 22nd through the end of the year so I spent Christmas at Mom's and came home with a new bread machine. :) The Almond Poppy bread I tried to make last night didn't turn out so well. I think next time I am going to make the smaller batch and see how that does.

And that brings me to today I guess, *laughs*. I need to run by the Landlord's office and drop off rent check. Tomorrow it's back to work. I'm usually off on Tuesdays, but I swapped with someone who needed tomorrow off and in return I have Thursday off so I won't have to work on my Birthday this year. (I didn't have to work on my birthday last year either but that was entirely different circumstances haha). So yeah, work tomorrow and Wednesday, off Thursday, work Friday, off Saturday and then it's back to normal schedule. There should be a shift bid this month so schedule is going to change in February. Hoping to get one of the later shifts so I can get shift differential. We'll see how that goes and how many of those shifts are available.

I need to work on my 2007 goals still, and hopefully will have a chance to post them today or at least in the very very near future. For now though, I need to get dressed and go run a couple of errands.
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Firstly, Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] vulpine137!

Secondly, this:

is SOOO going up at my cube at work, hehe. I'm probably going to order it on a T-Shirt and coffee mug too. *grins*

Work was ok today. Slow on sales and lots of long calls but I got through it. It's been a rather slow month for sales overall, hopefully that starts picking up again soon. It should since Christmas is just a couple months away. People will be buying new phones and accessories I'm betting.

Last weekend Mom came up to visit on Saturday. We went out to a place called Pilsbury Crossing just outside of Manhattan and took some pictures of the scenery, my little sister, the dogs, etc... It was fun. :) Lots of great pictures. I'll have to get them uploaded to the website from the ones Mom and I took.

Afterwards, we went over to one of Mom's friends (also a supervisor at Alltel) and had a very yummy dinner of Chicken Parmesan, and also watched Click. Was an ok movie, it had its moments, but was rather predictable. Ended up missing out on the KSU-Nebraska game, but after hearing the final score on the way home, I am sorta glad I did.

Ann came over last night, she tried calling my old cell phone but I hardly ever answer that one because I use the one I get from work as my main line now since I get such a great deal on it. Friday night after work I'm going with her to see Hamlet at McCain Auditorium here on K-State's Campus. Should be fun. I haven't really gotten to spend time with Ann at all since I started working.

Stopped at the store on the way home tonight and picked up some photo mailers so I can finally get the pictures I printed of the zoo trip earlier this month mailed out to my little brother. Gonna get the mailer addressed tonight and stop again on the way home to pay for the postage tomorrow night.

Long day

Sep. 30th, 2006 11:19 pm
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Went to Salina to visit mom.

Had a long fun draining day, will post details tomorrow.

For now, it's bedtime as I gotta get up early and go to work tomorrow.
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I really didn't do a whole lot today. Did a few dishes, was going to cook dinner, but ordered Mr. Goodcent's instead... and listened to the K-State vs. Florida Atlantic football game. K-State shut them out 45-0. :) Next week's game against Marshall should prove interesting.

On Thursday, met with one of the girls from my training class at one of my favorite restaurants! El Cazador's here in Manhattan. I was thinking about it and sadly before Thursday, I hadn't been there since [ profile] mizdandylynn and [ profile] hubs came through Manhattan awhile back. I should make it a point to go there more often!

Got a new toy yesterday... a new Palm T|X. The built-in wi-fi works with the wireless router, and I can connect via bluetooth to my phone on my breaks at work. :) Dunno what I will do yet with my old Tungsten E. Thinking of either selling it or seeing if maybe Mom or a friend of mine might want it. It still works, just wanted a more up-to-date one with ability to connect wirelessly to the net when I'm not home. :) Of course the increase in built-in memory helps too, heh.

Hoping sales pick up this month like they did last month. Seems I keep getting people who either want to look at the phones/accessories in the sales office, or just don't want to make any changes just want information. I do have a couple callbacks to make this month and hopefully when I make them, the customers haven't changed their minds about the accessories they were interested in. We'll see.

Need to finish a couple letters tomorrow between calls so I can get them in the mail on Monday. I owe Mom a letter and will probably write my baby sister and my little brother depending on how slow it is tomorrow.

I think I am going to make pork chops with mushroom garlic soup to make a sauce/gravy to pour over mashed potatoes when I get home from work tomorrow. Hmm, need to set up the coffee pot and turn on the timer before bed tonight so I have a caffeine source available when I get up tomorrow morning.
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My supervisor sent out an email asking for people to email him back if they were interested in volunteering to be the Team Captain. Basically it would entail taking on a couple of extra duties to help out the team, without any change in title or pay.... and I sent and email back with a few sentences stating why I thought I would be good at it.

I normally do not volunteer myself like that, and I still am not sure why I did... except I guess for the first time ever, I actually see myself *wanting* to move up and work hard to actually get promoted within a company. I actually find myself *wanting* to move up to the Lead Queue, and maybe even internal IT/Tech Support or heaven forbid, become a Trainer. It's a rather odd feeling, but I really don't feel all that weird about it. More like awe that I actually did it.

I was also in a rather odd very cheerful mood most of the day. Maybe it has something to due with the fact that tomorrow's my Friday... or maybe it's like I told a coworker... there was like 2 inches of sugar in the bottom of my coffee. Either way, it definitely was a good day. :) I didn't have any bad calls, and I still managed to sell a few features today to add to my ever-growing pile of commission that will get paid out at the end of August.

Today was rather slow too, which helps. :) I started reading Mercedes Lackey's The Last Herald-Mage series. I am very nearly to the end of the first book in the series. I will likely finish it tonight and start the second book either later tonight or tomorrow during my lunch break, since I know I will not have time in between calls as it's always busy on Mondays.

I have an eye appointment on Tuesday. Now that I have vision insurance again, I am going to get a new pair of glasses since it is covered by the vision insurance we get at Alltel. Then perhaps next year, I will get contacts again. It will be good to have a decent pair of frames again. The pair I have broke awhile back and one of the ear pieces doesn't even fit the frames very well, but they work enough that I can still wear them and see out of them.
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So I got home tonight and started out real productive like. Came in, did up a load of dishes and then vacuumed the Kitchen, Hallway and Living Room. I think tomorrow I will be cleaning and vacuuming my bedroom. Need to still take out the trash also tonight, and cooking dinner might not be a bad idea at some point. :)

Work was ok today. I didn't have to escalate any calls, so that is always a good thing. :) We did our little new hire graduation ceremony around 4pm and then got to go out onto the floor to start setting up our cubicals. I finally saw my schedule entered into ESP, but it was not the right schedule, so my supervisor is supposed to be getting ahold of workforce management to get that fixed. I absolutely *hate* 30 minute lunches, and that is what they have me working according to the schedule. They put it in as 10am - 6:30pm and it is supposed to be 10am - 7pm. Hopefully it is fixed before I have to work on Sunday.

I also managed to call and set up an eye appointment for the 18th of this month. I have not really had an eye exam in far too long and now that I have vision insurance again, I think it is high time I get that taken care of and probably will be getting a new pair of glasses. :)

I also need to finish my little brother's letter and get it mailed so he doesn't start thinking I forgot about him.

Ok I might post a bit later with more stuff but for now, I am going to post a meme I stole from [ profile] vulpine137 and then go start making dinner. :)
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So I really didn't do a whole lot yesterday. Kinda just vegged and played lots of AO.

Today, I was quite a bit more productive. Went and got a few groceries so I would have the stuff I needed to make the BBQ Meatballs that I'm taking to work tomorrow for our potluck dinner. Also got quarters, and did my laundry, cleaned the bathroom and did most of the dishes (still have the ones from making the meatballs to clean up, but most of the rest is done already). I think I am going to warm them in the oven in the morning before I put them in the portable carrier thing with the warm pack thingy underneath it.

So... Work tomorrow, off tuesday, but going to Salina to see Mom and the little sis (at least that is the plan), work Wednesday, Thurs and Friday, off Saturday, then start my new shift on Sunday. Starting the 9th, I will be working Sun,Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat 10am - 7pm and off Tues, Wednesdays. Last week of training this week... as of the 9th I'll have my own cubicle and be out on the floor. And in a couple weeks, will be watching the next new hire class get their feet wet while they learn the ropes too.
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I must not be sleeping well or something... I am like dozing off way early tonight for some weird reason. So as a result, going to bed after I post this.

Work went ok today. A few weird calls, but nothing I couldn't handle. :) Hopefully tomorrow brings lots of calls with people who want to add features (yay commission!).

Need to remember to take the rent check by the rental office tomorrow morning before work.

Ok, off to bed..


Jun. 27th, 2006 11:10 pm
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Going to bed early tonight. Hopefully I wont be as lazy tomorrow morning as I was today.

Took calls for the first part of the day, and then just listened to calls again after lunch. Thankfully today was the last day we have to listen to calls. The rest of training we get to take calls both before and after lunch. I know. It's weird that I am looking forward to talking to customers and helping them and not just wanting to get paid to sit and do nothing but listen.

Managed to get the dishes done tonight as soon as I got home from work. Yay me!!

Also called my little sister back, as she called me this morning and left me a voice mail. She's so cute. Her voice mail today was nearly identical to the one she left me about a week ago. Apparantly she lost a tooth today and was very excited about it.

Ok, I'm off to sleep now. Will try to post more tomorrow.
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Didn't really do much today. Went to Wal-Mart and got a couple things I needed, then came home and made bacon and eggs for brunch. Talked to Mom and Grandma today for a bit, as well as my little sister. Then I pretty much just watched TV and played Anarchy Online most of the day.

Had some really weird dreams last night, though I don't remember much of them now. Hopefully they aren't as weird tonight.

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