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2 more days then 10 glorious days off. 3 of them will be spent in Salina visiting Mom and my sisters.

It has been extremely busy the past couple days. over 100 calls in queue at any given point of the day, doesn't matter, the queue light has not turned orange in far too long. In fact, I'm not so sure it CAN anymore... let alone turn green or go dark altogether anymore... Wonder how call flow will be after the new schedules start.

I think I did manage to break $1000 commission after today's sales. We'll see though. Will find out when the website updates tomorrow morning. Depends on if anything was removed today that gets deducted from my totals.

Well, I guess I'd better start gettin ready for bed since I have another 10 hour day in front of me tomorrow.
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That's my July commission so far. So.... I just need to sell about $30 more in commission today to break $1000 again. :) Hopefully today is a good sales day.


Jun. 30th, 2007 08:58 am
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Commission update:

Total: $1,006.37

Now, I just have to sell enough today to make sure it stays over 1K in case people call to remove features I have added in the last 180 days. :)
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Had a lot more grouchy customers today. Dunno what's up with them, but really... yelling at the CSR does. not. fix. anything. It also makes the CSR less likely to really WANT to help! I know.. I know... customers will *never* learn this. lol

I did manage to sell around $65 in commission today. So, barring any features being deleted or accessories being returned in the last 24 hours, I should be over $1000 in commission for June. We'll see when I wake up tomorrow.

For now, it's time for bed, since I am getting up and working 10a - 7p tomorrow to finish out my overtime for the week. Here's hoping tomorrow is much better mood wise than it was today.
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So while I didn't sell any accessories yesterday, I did manage to sell $103 in text message package commission. :)

Sitting at $911 for the month. I just need to sell $90 more in commission to break my goal of $1000. I think that should be doable over today, tomorrow, friday and saturday. Wonder if July and August will go as well with commission. :)
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Had a couple features charge back because they upgraded to a higher package... so, Today through Thursday, I am hoping to make at least $152.66 in commission so that I end the month breaking $1000 in commission this month.

Going in today from 10:30am - 7:00pm. I only get a half hour lunch, but I am getting paid 2.5x my regular pay today for working the holiday, which ends up being about $230 for 8 hours today, not counting commission of course. I bet it will be as slow as it was Saturday, if not slower. We'll see though.

Well, better start getting ready to head in to work.

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