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So, the landlord is going to be mailing me the lease to sign. :) Moving truck is reserved for the 31st so I can load it that night and drive it to Manhattan on the first of June and unload it and return it that same day. Only thing left now is finish cleaning and packing all my stuff and have it all ready to load on the truck on the 31st of May. 2 weeks and 1 day from now... wow! Cant believe in just over 2 weeks I'll be out on my own again.
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Filled out the rental application today. The landlord said he would check a few things and I should be getting a call from him tomorrow. *crosses fingers*
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So I'm going up to Manhattan in the morning to fill out the application for that apartment I mentioned earlier. It's $505/ month with all utils (water/gas/electric/trash) paid which isn't too bad considering even if i had a $400/month place, having to pay gas / electric could put that over $505 alone depending on the weather. So with my new job that still should leave PLENTY leftover to start catching up on my bills and allow me to keep my DSL and maybe even get cable. I'll have to sit down and rework my tentative budget since utils are included. :)

I can't wait til I have a signed lease so I can get the moving truck reserved and then all I have to worry about is the cleaning and packing until the 31st.
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My best friend's sister graduated this weekend and is moving out of her apt at the end of this month. I emailed her landlord and left a couple phone messages earlier today and just got this in response:

Thanks for your phone calls. It is available and be happy to talk with you. The rent will be little more due to increase in Utilities and Propety Taxes. I'll call on Sunday.

Here's hoping rent is still reasonable. It's really a cool looking apartment, saw it on Monday last week but was undecided at the time. It is definitely bigger than the two places I looked at friday that were tiny.

Made some major cleaning progress today. got 2/3 of under my desk cleaned out and in front of the closet.

Need to call my best friend tomorrow and apologize for not being able to make it to her party this weekend and also let her know what her sister's landlord has to say.
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Well, today was mostly a waste of my time and gas. Got to Manhattan right at 12pm, and looked at the first of 5 places. It was TINY!! It was supposedly a 2 bedroom but for as small as that place was it wasn't worth the $425 / month for rent. The bedroom would barely fit my full size bed and dresser and god knows if I would then have any room to maneuver in there. Then right before 1pm, I get a call from the person supposed to be showing me place #2. Turns out It's already been rented out, lease signed and deposit paid. Ok at least this person was nice enough to tell me and not make me show up and wait and wait for nothing. Place #3 wasn't too bad, but it turns out someone beat me to it and had already paid the deposit on the place. :( Place #4 was this big house divded into two apartments, one 5 bedroom one and a 1 bedroom one. The one bedroom is the one I looked at. It was maybe just barely bigger or probably about the same size as the one I had looked at earlier. The livingroom wasn't bad but I don't think I would like having to have my bed right next to the kitchen with no separation other than carpet to tell me where the bedroom begins and the kitchen ends. And finally Place #5... never got to see the inside of it. I showed up just before 6:30 and waited 15 minutes. Noone showed... so after calling the guy, I find out Someone rented it already a couple days ago. Wasted my time and pissed me off, hung up on the guy.

So it looks like Monday will be a day of setting up more places to look at for Tuesday and then it's back to Manhattan again on Tuesday to look at places. One of the places I want to look at is all utils paid so it would be $450 / month for rent and then whatever phone/cable tv cost me as far as utilities goes. They pay for water/trash/gas/electric.

I am supposed to go to Manhattan for a wine party at my best friend's house tomorrow, but I think I will pass this time around. There's just so much of that 65 mile stretch between here and Manhattan I can take in such a short time frame.
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Have made a minor dent in the cleaning process... Still a long ways to go, but I know I will get there.

Tomorrow I go look at 6 places, and might even get lucky enough to decide on one. Once I know where I will be living then I will swing by the post office and get the change of address forms to fill out as well as call SBC to start the process of moving my DSL and setting up the other utilities so that everything will be all set up (theoretically) on June 1st.

Watching the rest of CSI then I'll try to motivate myself back to more cleaning.

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