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Didn't get a whole lot done today. Well, I did a few missions in AO, got the dishes done, and took my shower tonight. Also made sure lunch was ready for tomorrow and set the coffeepot to auto-brew so coffee would be ready when I get up tomorrow. Tomorrow is my first day at Alltel. :)

And now I am going to bed so hopefully I wont be too groggy when the alarm goes off in the morning.
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Leaving soon to go meet up with [ profile] chuck_lynn and [ profile] hubs for lunch as they pass through Manhattan on their way to Abilene.

Played a little bit of AO and got in a really good team. The joys of being a crat are that it doesn't matter if you are much lower than everyone else on the team, they still want you along for the xp bonuses. :) So I managed to get 4 levels in an hour. Helping my org after lunch today with a raid, hopefully it goes well.

Ok, I'm off for now to finish getting ready then leave.

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